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Bed Sheets

Traditionally, bed sheets aren’t anywhere as interesting as duvet covers and pillowcases. That was, until we came along and went ‘sheet first’ into Secret Linen Store. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one).

Duvet covers have always come in various colours and patterns, and the trend towards colourful statement bed linen over the last few decades has been increasingly visible. Now back to the lowly bed sheet, firstly we have two types to sheets to consider. The fitted sheet and the flat sheet. Both very different, both equally important. We would argue that your sheet is just as important, if not more so than your duvet cover.

Your fitted sheet will have far more wear and tear, and will come into contact with your skin much more than a duvet, and that is why it’s so special. The fact that you can’t always see it when the bed is made has led to many opting for a plain white sheet. Now there’s nothing wrong with that but you still need to make sure that it’s a good quality sheet with a respectable thread count. Anything above 200 will be fine but the higher you can afford to go, the better.

We decided when we created Secret Linen Store that sheets should get as much glory as the rest, and introduced colourful, patterned sheets. Yes that’s stripes, checks and florals, and our customers have thankfully loved them.

Choosing your bed sheets

Deep fitted sheets

These days, mattresses are getting deeper and more luxurious, and sheets haven’t followed suit. We only sell deep fitted sheets, with a 36cm depth, designed to fit most mattresses. This doesn’t meant that our extra deep sheets won’t fit a shallower mattress, you’ll just have a little more to tuck under. No more fighting with your mattress to get your sheet on. Hoorah!

Flat sheets

Ah the wonderful flat sheet. So many still don’t take advantage of this option. We prefer to use them in a hotel fashion, and place them between yourself and your duvet cover. Not only do they add something extra to the layered look of your bed, (Especially if they’re contrasting like these below), but they also mean less washing. You can change your sheets without needing to wash the duvet cover, making an ideal option for a guest room too.

Our sheets come in many colours and patterns to mix and match with our bed linen ranges, and that is what we love to do. A plain duvet cover with a striped fitted sheet, or a patterned duvet cover with a plain fitted sheet, whatever your chosen duvet cover, mix it up with a contrasting patterned sheet.

Bed Sheets

Choosing your sheet finish

Everyone has a preference when it comes to sheets. We offer three types flat sheet and two types of fitted sheet.

Cotton Percale:   Fitted and Flat sheets

This is the crisp, cool cotton finish. It will help maintain your body temperature, and is nice a durable. Available in 200 thread count and 400 thread count, plain white.

Cotton Sateen:   Fitted and Flat sheets

Smooth, sateen finish that’s ultra soft on your skin. We do these in a 260 or 600 thread count. The 5600 is like sliding into buttered sheets, it’s amazing.

Relaxed Denim, laundered soft:   Flat sheets only

This super soft finish feels utterly amazing to sleep under. We don’t do fitted sheets, simply because the combed cotton wouldn’t be as hard wearing for sleeping on, but sleeping under is not problem at all.

So, we hope that we’ve helped to guide you in the world of bed sheets. If you still need some help finding the right finish or style for you, then give us a call or drop us an email. We like to chat.

Bed Sheets

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