Expert Secrets: How to Elevate Your Bedroom with Patterns

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Adding Patterns to Your Bedroom

Do you feel like your bedroom could use a little lift? We’ve got you. We asked professional interior designers from the online interior design service  My Bespoke Room , to share some top tips on how to inject colour and pattern in our bedrooms.

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So get ready to embrace your creativity! Our guest experts are here to gently guide you through enhancing your space, sharing tips on how  to mix patterns to refresh your space without overwhelming it. 

Our fabulous Interior Designer, Olivia is about to reveal her top tips on how to jazz up your bedroom with some cool patterns. She's got all the insider tips and tricks to transform your space from blah to wow, without overwhelming it. 

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Mixing and matching patterns in your bedroom adds a vibrant, personalised touch. Start with a base of neutral colours to anchor the room. Then, introduce patterns in varying scales; pair larger prints with smaller ones to create balance. Stick to a consistent colour palette to keep the look cohesive. 

“It is great to combine various patterns (geometrics, florals & stripes) as long as they are within a unified colour palette. For example, if you have floral curtains with green & blue tones, do follow these colours through in the stripe or geometric pattern on the cushions” Olivia, Interior Designer, My Bespoke Room

Layering is key—think patterned throw pillows on a striped bedspread, or geometric curtains alongside a floral rug. Remember, the beauty of your bedroom lies in your creativity and the stories your chosen patterns tell. 

“Using a combination of patterns can give good energy for a room but using too many can make the room unbalanced and overwhelm the space. Having one larger-scaled pattern as a focal point (wallpaper, art, rug) and layering smaller patterns (cushions, throws) within the same space works well.”

Patterned Wallpaper Tricks

“Patterned wallpaper can be used on the ceiling only for a super dramatic look. You can pull a colour from the paper on the remaining four walls. 

Wallpapering wall panels and adding a bold paint colour (drawn from the paper) to the rails and the remaining walls including the ceiling, can also create excellent drama. 

For a more subtle look, you could paper just one wall with a minimal pattern and the remaining walls (including the ceiling) in a soft & calming colourway. The colours in the wallpaper are used within the cushions and textural throw, for a cohesive and subtle vibe.”

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Textured Patterns for Depth and Interest

“Going as large as possible with the floor rug and leaving around 60-70cm from the wall perimeter, creates good visual interest within the room. This can be in a modern monochromatic fashion to juxtapose well against the traditional styling for example. 

Adding artwork with bold colours in an abstract fashion, for example, is a great focal point in the room. If walls are in a light tone, the art should be as bold as possible to really pop. Colours from the art can be used as cushions and/or a throw. If the art sits on a patterned wallpapered wall opt for something less bold such as a line drawing to contrast for a subtle vibe. 

Throws and cushions add comfort and tactile interest to the space. Mix your cushion fabrics (cotton, velvet etc.) with solid colours at the back and patterned textural ones at the front. Draping a contrasting throw over the bed in a bold pattern (monochromatic) or a vibrant colour to really pop, works well here.”

Patterns in Small Spaces

Using stripes is the perfect way to make a room feel bigger. Add vertical striped wallpaper on the bed wall and a headboard with vertical lines to make the room feel taller. While horizontal stripes can make a narrow room appear wider. These can both be achieved with wallpaper and painted stripes.

If using wallpaper on all walls, keep in mind that smaller patterned wallpaper tends to make the room feel smaller and a large repeating pattern will make the room feel larger.”

We hope you picked up some cool tips from our blog and now feel more confident to splash some colour in your bedrooms!

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