The Big Softie Synthetic Duvet
The Big Softie Synthetic Duvet Corner Detail
The Big Softie Synthetic Pillow
The Big Softie Synthetic Pillow Corner Detail
The Big Softie All Seasons Duvet
The Big Softie Synthetic Bedding Filling

The Big Softie Bedding - Microfibre

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified hypoallergenic microfibre
  • Made with love in Scotland
  • Freshly filled to order and yours in two weeks
  • Made to order with love

    Freshly filled just for you and delivered within 2 weeks.

Standard - Medium $40.00
Standard - Firm $41.00
Square - Medium $43.00
Square - Firm $49.00
Super King - Medium $45.00
Super King - Firm $52.00
2.5 Tog $98.00
4.5 Tog $110.00
9 Tog $115.00
10.5 Tog $120.00
13.5 Tog $125.00
15 Tog $145.00
All Seasons $210.00
2.5 Tog $145.00
4.5 Tog $150.00
9 Tog $170.00
10.5 Tog $175.00
13.5 Tog $180.00
15 Tog $195.00
All Seasons $310.00
2.5 Tog $170.00
4.5 Tog $175.00
9 Tog $185.00
10.5 Tog $195.00
13.5 Tog $210.00
15 Tog $225.00
All Seasons $355.00
2.5 Tog $195.00
4.5 Tog $200.00
9 Tog $220.00
10.5 Tog $225.00
13.5 Tog $245.00
15 Tog $250.00
All Seasons $405.00
2.5 Tog $245.00
4.5 Tog $250.00
9 Tog $280.00
10.5 Tog $285.00
13.5 Tog $310.00
15 Tog $325.00
All Seasons $520.00
Single $160.00
Double $225.00
King $260.00
Super King $310.00
Emperor $370.00
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Feathers and down sure feel fabulous, but modern synthetic fillings can be just as cosy, and our Aerelle® Softflex bedding is no exception! We fell head over bed as soon as we felt this high-tech new stuffing, as no matter how much you plump, puff or sit on it, the soft and springy fibres bounce back to their original shape almost instantly.

Our Big Softie microfibre duvet is designed to drape lightly over your body, and features a baffle box construction that evenly distributes the filling to prevent cold spots appearing, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort throughout the night. And, despite the snuggly squishiness of the pillows, their volume remains stable for longer, making them wonderfully supportive for your head and neck, essential for waking up bright-eyed and crick-free. Plus, the Aerelle® Softflex filling is hypoallergenic, odourless and easy to clean, simply wash the items at 40°C and tumble dry if the weather's looking iffy.

As with all of our bedding, the duvets and pillows in this collection are lovingly hand-filled at our factory in Scotland and encased in 300 thread count, 100% cotton for added quality. To cover every season, the duvets come in five togs - we suggest a 2.5 or 4.5 tog for summer use, 9 or 10.5 tog for spring to autumn, 13.5 tog for winter months and 15 tog for those who feel the cold. We also have an All Seasons duvet (4.5 and 9 tog) for a comfortable snooze all year round. The pillows are available in a variety of sizes and fill weights for you to choose from, depending on your sleep position.

Our duvets, pillows and toppers will be delivered in around 2 weeks along with any other items you have ordered at the same time. All our bedding is made to order, filled just for you in our UK factory, we think it’s well worth the short wait.

We’ll send you an email as soon as we've sent your order, and you’ll receive a DPD tracking number to follow your parcel’s progress. You'll receive an hour delivery slot and be able to re-arrange your delivery or arrange a safe place for your parcel with DPD.

Free and easy returns. Please ensure any unwanted items are unused and in their original packaging.

We are very sorry that we are currently unable to ship filled bedding items outside the UK.

Why Our Bedding?

Filled with Goodness

You can rest your head easy knowing our fillings are the finest they can be, from sustainably sourced feathers and organic wool to recycled bottles, we have a filling for everyone.

Made Especially for You

Our bedding is made just for you when you order, meaning that we never have bedding sitting around waiting to be bought nor do we ever waste a perfectly good pillow. It'll be fresher than a daisy when it arrives on your doorstep.

Made in the UK

Our duvets are filled, fluffed and flumped by our fabulous factories in Scotland.

Which Bedding Is Right for You?

Sometimes trying to find the right bedding for the perfect night's sleep can feel like looking for a single feather in the fluffiest down duvet. Our bedding buying guide will give you all the know-how for finding your brand new bedding best friends.