Baa Baa Bedtime Finest Wool Bedding

  • Finest 100% wool hypoallergenic filling
  • Freshly filled to order and yours in two weeks
  • Temperature regulating super powers
  • Made to order with love

    Freshly filled just for you and delivered within 2 weeks.

Standard - Medium £55.00
Standard - Firm £65.00
Square - Medium £55.00
Square - Firm £65.00
Super King - Medium £65.00
Super King - Firm £75.00
Summer £169.00
Spring/Autumn £185.00
Winter £199.00
Summer £225.00
Spring/Autumn £235.00
Winter £259.00
Summer £229.00
Spring/Autumn £245.00
Winter £269.00
Summer £289.00
Spring/Autumn £359.00
Winter £385.00
Summer £305.00
Spring/Autumn £369.00
Winter £399.00
Single £145.00
Double £169.00
King £209.00
Super King £259.00
Emperor £279.00
Single £119.00
Double £155.00
King £185.00
Super King £219.00
Emperor £239.00
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All the way from the Yorkshire Pennines, we have long been looking for the perfect 100% wool duvet to add to our thriving bedding range. We are delighted to offer you, our super customers, the chance to sleep under and on top of the luxury that is our new Baa Baa Bedtime.  Every item we make is individually serial numbered and is traceable back to sheep source. Baaaarilliant.  We are proud to say that this also guarantees the agricultural welfare of sheep, land, water supply and manufacturing process.  A fully audited process which our factory has passed with flying colours every year since they gained the certification.

Possibly one of the oldest fibres on our planet, we have been borrowing fleeces from superstar sheep since 3500 B.C.  Man learned to spin sheep’s wool and this led to a much warmer time for all!  The production of wool is the oldest trade commodity known to man.  Woolly wow!  Wool is also one very durable filling.  Invest in a Baa Baa Bedtime Finest duvet and you won’t need to replace it for 10 years or more.

Wool has temperature regulating superpowers, it’s cool when you need it to be and warm when the temperature isn't.  A woolly duvet helps to keep your body at just the right temperature so you can nod off to sleep without counting a single sheep.  Wool is as clean as a sheepdog's whistle.  Dirt won’t get into the fibres; it sits on top which makes it super easy to clean and get rid of any dust or dirt.  We recommend that you dry clean your Baa Baa Bedtime Finest range; this doesn’t need to happen very often, but is the best way to clean it.  You can spot clean to remove any small marks with a damp cloth.

Wool wicks well.  Yes, that’s right, our Baa Baa Bedtime Finest products can happily absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture, before feeling damp.  Wool can take moisture away from you, and release it into the air, which is rather clever.  This also means that the Baa Baa Bedtime Finest range will never get mouldy.  Mould and mildew need a damp environment, and they won’t find that here.

We don’t use any nasty chemicals when washing or processing our wool.  This helps us to make a duvet that is super hypoallergenic.  There is nothing in here to cause any reaction, making it a great choice for any allergy sufferers.  You can also sleep soundly knowing that wool is naturally fire retardant... clever huh?

The 100% cotton casing for these woolly wonders is made from the finest cotton, woven in Germany.

And… as if all of this woolly stuff was not enough to turn your attention to our Baa Baa Bedtime, one of the most exciting things about this bedding is its environmental credentials (which we care about a lot).  Wool is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable.  Each sheep can be shorn yearly, and the process does not hurt the animals at all. Wool has a natural odour, which comes from lanolin.  Lanolin is the clever wax that all sheep have on their coats which keeps them waterproof.  You will recognise the smell from a jumper or other woolly things in your home.  This natural smell is completely normal and will pass with time and airing.

Our customer service team has taken all of its woolly bedding exams and passed with flying colours.  We are always happy to talk and help you to decide, so just give us a call and we can talk about this bedding until the sheep come home.  Our Baa Baa Bedtime Finest Bedding is all made to order especially for you, we will get our skates on as soon as your order arrives with us and deliver your duvet to your door in around 2 weeks.

Our duvets, pillows and toppers will be delivered in around 2 weeks along with any other items you have ordered at the same time. All our bedding is made to order, filled just for you in our UK factory, we think it’s well worth the short wait.

All our bedding is made to order, filled just for you in our UK factory, we think it’s well worth the short wait.

We’ll send you an email as soon as we've sent your order, and you’ll receive a DPD tracking number to follow your parcel’s progress. You'll receive an hour delivery slot and be able to re-arrange your delivery or arrange a safe place for your parcel with DPD.

Free and easy returns. Please ensure any unwanted items are unused and in their original packaging.

We are very sorry that we are currently unable to ship filled bedding items outside the UK.

Why Our Bedding?

Filled with Goodness

You can rest your head easy knowing our fillings are responsibly sourced.

Made Especially for You

Our bedding is made just for you when you order, meaning that we never have bedding sitting around waiting to be bought nor do we ever waste a perfectly good pillow. It'll be fresher than a daisy when it arrives on your doorstep.

Made in the UK

Our duvets are filled, fluffed and flumped by our fabulous factories in Scotland.

Which Bedding Is Right for You?

Sometimes trying to find the right bedding for the perfect night's sleep can feel like looking for a single feather in the fluffiest down duvet. Our bedding buying guide will give you all the know-how for finding your brand new bedding best friends.