Gorgeous Green Bedding to Bring the Outdoors in

The perfect colour for bringing nature-inspired freshness into your decor, our green bedding is here to transform your snooze-space into a relaxing refuge, breathing new life into your bedroom. Whether you choose to cocoon yourself in the beautifully botanical hues of our cosy cotton sheets or opt for 100% linen bedding instead, we guarantee you'll drift off to dreams of woodland walks and pine trees dappled by sunshine. Feeling adventurous? Try pairing our green bedding with blush pink accessories for a look that'll transport you straight to the tropics.

How to style and look after your green bedding

A firm favourite with the Secret Linen Store team, we love our different green bed linen options. While not everyone's first choice, these sets are easier to style than you think and will bring a natural calmness to your bedroom. Did you know that even looking at something resembling the colours of nature can help soothe a busy mind and help relaxation?

Traditionally green pairs beautifully with pink, which is at the opposite end of the colour wheel. We have three different pinks here at Secret Linen Store including our blush pink, vintage rose and the vibrant canyon pink. However, we are firm believers that there's no wrong answer when it comes to colours. Why not layer up the green by choosing items from each of our green collections - darkest spruce, moss green and olive green? These all work beautifully together to create a very calming and stress-relieving bedtime.

A bold bedtime is our favourite kind of bedtime. Mustard yellow contrasts beautifully with a deep dark green such as our darkest spruce. Canyon pink will also make a statement, especially when paired with our olive green. Or for a strong earthy neutral, why not try our cumin? Cumin works especially well with our sea green linen which has a cumin thread hidden within it.

A top tip, aside from washing your bedding at 40 degrees, is to make sure you turn it inside out to help prevent any damage on the outside and limit direct contact with the detergent to help maintain the colour. Turning your bed linen between washes so you sleep against a different side will also help slow any wear and fading of the fabric. Read more about caring for colourful bedding.