Caring for Colourful Bedding

We want to make sure you get the most out of your bedding and longevity is really important to us. As with anything, your bedding needs looking after to make sure that stays it's best.

We love our colourful bedding, bright and fun, plain or patterned, it's what we do best. To make sure your colourful bed linen stays as bright as the day it arrived, we're sharing our care and maintenance secrets right here...

How to wash your colourful bedding

Wash at 40 degrees

We recommend washing all our bed linen at 40 degrees. Our soft sheets can be washed at a higher temperature, but keeping all your washing at 40 degrees or lower means you'll avoid any possibly shrinkage as well as being a little more environmentally friendly.

Wash inside out

When washing colourful bed sheets and bed linen you want to make sure it maintains its brightness. Turn your duvet cover inside out before washing, this will prevent the outside getting damaged on anything that might have slipped into the machine and will reduce direct impact with the detergent.

Always use the right detergent

When it comes to detergent, typically we all have a go-to brand for our laundry (in most cases, this is probably what our own Mums used). If you've treated your bedroom to some colourful sheets, then make sure that what you're using is bleach free.

Detergents containing bleach might help keep your whites bright, but will cause discolouration or spotting on your colourful bed linen.

Dry and Iron inside out

There's a bit of a theme here... when it comes to colourful sheets it's best to keep them inside out, until they're ready to be popped on the bed.

In an ideal world, we'd all dry out sheets out on the washing line, this leaves them crease free and out of the house. With your colourful sheets, do this inside out, and avoid line drying on those really lovely (and pretty rare) sunny days. The direct sunlight can gradually start to make the bright colours on your sheets (and your clothing) fade.

It's always best to iron your coloured bed sheets inside out too, this way you'll avoid any potential heat damage.

Maintaining your colourful bedding

Turn your duvet

To give your bed linen a longer lifespan, flip your duvet cover between washes. By turning so you sleep under a different side each time will decrease the amount of wear on the cotton. Our bodies are naturally a little sweaty at night time, so the side against our skin will fade quicker, and swapping which side this is, will help reduce how quickly this happens. All our duvet covers come with a fabric label, pop a mark on one side of the label, then you'll be able to tell which side you've had facing up.

Check your cosmetics

We all have our bedtime beauty routines. For some it might be a splash of water on the face or a shower before bed and others have a full pre-bedtime skincare routine that involves creams, toners, oils and sprays.

We recommend always removing make up before bed, not only for your skincare but also it leaves nasty stains that can be a nightmare to get out. Also be sure to take care when choosing skin care products, certain ingredients in moisturisers can leave stains and discolour your sheets. They'll turn your white pillowcases yellow and fade the colour on your bright pillowcases.

Preventing stains in the first place is just as important as knowing how to get rid of them, and is much less hard work!

Store away from dust

Storing your bed linen properly can make all the difference. We always suggest putting an old pillowcase to good use and storing inside a full set of bedding, folded, pressed and ready for your bed. This will stop any dust settling on your bed linen and means you won't have to rummage madly through your linen cupboard when Clean Sheet Sunday comes around.

So there's our secrets to how we manage to keep all our colourful bed linen brighter for longer. Do you have any of your own top tips for us? We'd love to hear them...

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