Styling with Little Greene

On a chillier day back in January we packed up our brand-new bed linens, accessories and a just a few cans (read: a whole heap) of our most favourite paints from Little Greene, ready to style lots of bedrooms in our colourful photoshoot.

Our Spring/Summer collection has been dressing many scrumptious beds since its launch, so we’re here to share all the delicious details of how we styled it for bedtime perfection.

Vintage Rose Sid Stripe

Starting with perhaps the most exciting addition, ticking two of our very favourite things boxes: stripes and PINK. The only thing that could make it better… pink paint. We layered on this beautiful, muted, rosy tone from Little Greene called Blush.

We adore this combination, not just because it’s our most favourite colour, but because pink makes a wonderful choice for a bedroom. Its soothing tone is perfect for adding warmth and softness to any space, so we say use it lavishly. If all pink isn’t your thing though, try swapping the Vintage Rose Sid Stripe 100% linen for either French Blue or Natural, as both would pair wonderfully with this dreamy paint too.

Stack Sid up with our Cream 100% linen and Vintage Rose waffle accessories to recreate this look. If you’re feeling a little bolder, we’d recommend mixing in Vintage Rose, Natural and Moss Green (yes, really) 100% linen pillowcases. Top with a Vintage Rose 100% linen flat sheet and our Wolcott in Moss Green for a vibrant, fun combination.

Olive Green Dorothy

As soon as spring starts to peep out amongst the grey, we’re all about filling the house with big bunches of brightly coloured blooms. The bedroom is no exception, so in addition to the bunch on your bedside table, dress your bed in them too. We’ve given our cheery, 100% responsibly sourced cotton Dorothy print an Olive Green makeover, so good that it deserved two whole Little Greene colours and some wood panelling.

We’ve paired our Olive Green Dorothy with Olive Colour and French Grey - Pale to create a wonderfully botanical space with a contemporary finish. Olive Colour is one of our favourite Little Greene paints as its deep tone creates a cocooning, cosy space. If you’re feeling a bit bold, go for a full green transformation and paint the whole room… we know you won’t regret it.

Recreate this look by topping your bed with our Vivienne Green accessories and mixing in some Cumin 100% linen. Pop some yellow flowers on the bedside table and be transported to a summer meadow drenched in golden sunlight.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing Dorothy and if Olive Colour isn’t the one for you, we think the subtle, warm tones of Oak Apple would make the ideal companion. Or you could go with a classic green and pink combination by switching the Cumin 100% linen for our Super Soft Cotton in Dusty Pink and painting the walls with Dorchester Pink instead.

Natural Sid Stripe

A big welcome to our second new Sid Stripe 100% linen colourway, this time in Natural. We just knew this space deserved something soft, calm and a little bit boho too. We’ve paired our Sid with French Grey, a wonderfully versatile and timeless shade that will complement almost any interior scheme.

Neutrals and greys are some of the most popular choices for bedrooms and are ideal for creating a calm room, but they can also run the risk of looking dull or drab. We recommend adding in lots of textures and shapes for extra dimension.

To create our wall, we started with plaster finish and sponged over French Grey for this textured look which is great for adding depth and dimension. Whilst we left the painting to the professionals, this look can be achieved at home with a little bit of skill (or maybe some beginner's luck). Not a big fan of getting messy? Not to worry as French Grey is just as lovely painted straight onto the wall, no fuss required.

We’re big fans of thinking outside the box when it comes to creating the perfect space for sleep, so throw out the decorating rule book and join us in hanging a rug on the wall. Pick something with lots of texture or a unique design and make sure the colours tie with those in the rest of your room.

Finally stack up your bed with oodles of cushions and throws in different textures and shapes. We’ve added our Porto cushion covers in both bolster and square sizes amongst our pillows and finished the look with our Porto throw and Natural 100% linen flat sheet.

Vintage Rose Super Soft

Now here’s something dark and dreamy. We’ve coloured our best-selling Super Soft 100% cotton bed linen in your favourite Vintage Rose and paired it with this deep blue-black to create a marvellously moody space. Little Greene’s Basalt gives the appearance of black on your walls, while being softer on the eye, and is a great way to really make your bed pop.

Darker bedrooms may seem a little intimidating at first and although some suggest they can feel cold, they can also be associated with feelings of being grounded and calm (and may even help improve your sleep). Be prepared to get stuck in though, as to benefit from the use of dark colours you’re going to need to go all out with your painting. It may seem like using a dark colour for only a feature wall would help to make a space feel bigger, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Painting the whole room can make it difficult to distinguish where one wall ends and another begins, giving the illusion of a larger more open space. If you’re ready to take the extra step, why not paint your ceiling too for maximum impact.

Styling your space carefully is extra important when painting with a cool toned black, so be sure to add pops of warmer tones, layer up the textures and choose your lighting carefully (you can find even more dark styling tips here).

To create this space, we’ve dressed our Vintage Rose Super Soft bed linen with our Nancy throw and Vivienne accessories in Vintage Rose. Make sure you have lots of pillows to add some extra squish and soften the space and mix in some lighter colours, like our Super Soft in Cream, to take your cosy bed to the next level.

We hope we’ve given you heaps of bedroom decorating ideas to get you started. For even more interior inspiration, you can head over to Little Greene for stacks of scrummy paint colours, a peek at how we styled our previous collection and Molly’s top tips for creating a cosy scheme.

Happy decorating, folks.