How To Style Dark Colours

We just can't get enough of dark, moody bedroom colour palettes at the moment... there's nothing quite like going to bed in a room filled with the calming colours of nature.

We know that dark bedrooms create the cosiest sanctuary's, but we also know that this might be new décor territory for some of you, so we're here to help you become masters of creating the snuggliest and cosiest of dark bedrooms.

We've asked our good friend and interior designer, Abigail Ahern to guide you through her best tips and tricks for creating the perfect, moody bedroom. Abigail is well known for her maximalist style and dark colours, so we couldn't think of anyone better to lend a hand.

Over to you Abigail...

1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Dark colours are fabulous for creating cosy, dramatic rooms... the biggest tip to remember is to constantly repeat colours back at you. If you have dark bed linen for example, make sure you accent with similar hues in the odd vase, lamp, rug as it will feel so united and uber sophisticated that way.

2. Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Dark walls are actually perfect for small rooms, despite people thinking they make rooms look small. They actually don't, they make rooms look bigger. With dark and mid tone colours, you get to create beautiful depth and shadow so you can't quite see where the walls and room end. Therefore they eye perceives the room as bigger than it really is. Clever no!

3. Play With Patterns

Another thing I love to do is introduce patterns in dark rooms... one of the most fabulous ways of doing this is through bed linen as it adds instant pizazz and depth. If your linen is plain, introduce pattern in the odd rug or artwork as it adds so much intrigue to a room.

4. Embrace Earthy Tones

Introduce earthy tones to your dark scheme it will feel super grounding, restorative and a place where you want to linger longer.

I like to add in quite a few neutrals into darker schemes as they pop against the palette. From bed pillows, to throws, tables the odd dresser and lamps.

When it comes to lighting I keep it earthy and glam, from big round ceramic bases with hessian shades to gold metallic lamps that shimmer and bounce the light around.

We hope Abigail's fabulous styling tips help you to create your ultimate dark and cosy bedroom that you'll look forward to hibernating it every night... happy bedmaking all x