Bedtime is our favourite time and here's why we would love to make your bed.

We've been designing and making bed linen for over 20 years. When you've slept in fabulous bedding, you realise just how important it is, and what a difference it can make to a whole third of your life. Once you have dressed your bed in great quality, you will never want to go back (or get up). We work with only the best factories in Portugal and the UK who we know and trust. We have been making bed linen in the our factory in Portugal for the same 20 years, making them well and truly part of our journey. Being in our factories, watching our designs come to life on the loom, and trying new techniques and colours never gets boring, and is a big part of our working life. We're passionate about great design, superior comfort, fabulous fillings and longevity. Our Secret Linen Store bedding is tried and tested by us (we seriously need bigger airing cupboards), and nothing arrives with you until we are happy and we're sure you'll love it as much as we do.

What makes us special?

  • We use the same high quality fabrics on both the front and reverse of our duvet covers. Sometimes you will find a lower quality fabric on the reverse of a duvet cover, this will make a cover cheaper. We don't do that. The side closest to your skin is the most important, right? Our duvet covers are the same front and back so that they look AND feel great.
  • Our Jacquard woven sheets and duvet covers are reversible. The beauty of this type of weaving is that the pattern is part of the fabric. This means that the two colours used for the warp and weft, are in reverse on the other side of the material. Each side of the fabric has the contrasting colour of the pattern when you fold back the duvet cover. Our patterned sheets have seams sewn on either side so you can make the bed with either the lighter or darker side.
  • All our bedding all has a size label sewn inside. No more rummaging through your linen cupboard, guessing which bedding is the right size. Whoop whoop!
  • We never use Polyester. We believe that natural fibres are the only way to make comfortable, breathable bed linen. Polyester is likely to raise your body temperature and will never feel as good on your skin.
  • We design and develop all our own products so you won't find the same anywhere else. Molly is our creative genius, and draws all our patterns, dreams up all of the colours and hunts out the best fabrics for your beds.
  • All our duvets, pillows and toppers are made freshly to order in our factory in Scotland. This means that you get beautifully fresh bedding that hasn't sat around a dusty warehouse for months on end, or been shipped across the world.
  • We have carefully selected our suppliers for all that we sell, and we only use vendors that we trust and can rely on. We visit our factories regularly and are entirely confident in the standards to which they work, and how they look after their employees. Everything is made in Europe. We also believe in treating them well and fairly, without them we would have nothing.
  • It is important to us that our packaging and plastic is kept to a minimum, we don't place unnecessary card inserts in each individual item, we use recycled card and we send all our parcels out in recyclable paper potato sacks.
  • Finally, and very importantly, we just love making beds. We would love to make yours too. Now all you have to do is decide!