Collage image of bed linen on a bed

Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten your day and sometimes it’s those same little things that come along and brighten your whole year (and leave you grinning from ear to ear). This is one of those very special things, and one of the reasons we love making your bedtimes. A very wonderful customer (and talented writer) sent us this poem and we want to share it with the whole world, because we think it is just the best. Thank you Pixie Woodstock, this has made us very happy indeed.

I know a quiet and secret place
A calming, still and tranquil space
A place to sleep and dream and share
A sanctuary of love and care

Slip between the coolest sheets
Caressing tired work-worn feet
Cuddled warmly underneath
Crisp above and soft beneath

A tasselled edging here and there
Each silky strand caressed with care
Woven firm in every hue
Vintage rose and fragile blue

Billowed clouds, marshmallow soft
Gently floating, held aloft
Close within a quilted hug
Cuddled, cosy, soft and snug

Satin smooth or waffled weave
In the morning hard to leave
Nature’s fabric wraps you tight
From dusk to dark and morning light

Ochre, copper, charcoal bold
Cosy warm with its folds
Quilted heat wound fast within
Getting up would be a sin

Secret linen shared by all
From summers high to autumns fall
Wrapped up against the winters snow
In New Year highs and springtime’s glow

A nest of comfort, hard to leave
Layered high in sumptuous weave
A place to sleep and dream and share
A sanctuary of love and care.

Pixie Woodstock