Pebble 100% Linen Bedding

From day one, we set out to create a brand that was honest, fair and that worked in tandem with its suppliers to make your beds better at a good price.

We use great factories and the best fabrics and fillings that we can find. As you know, good quality costs more but by keeping our costs as low as we can (no fancy stores, offices, agents or big warehouses) we are able to keep our prices low and pass our savings on to you.

We could find cheaper materials in far away lands to lower our prices, but we're not into that. We want you to have the best night's sleep always, and lower quality fabrics won't give you that. Finishing our bed linen in Europe, also reduces the need for shipping finished goods across the world. We might pay a little more, but we can be sure of the quality and that the lovely people that make it are rewarded as they should be.

We believe that we pay fair prices for the quality of product we want to sell to you. Our collection is broad, and has many different quality ranges, different techniques and yarns. Some items take longer to hem, some are quick and simple. Our pricing reflects the quality and the nature of each individual item.

Our bedding is handmade for you to order, this service may cost a few pennies more but we believe that a freshly made duvet that hasn't sat in a dusty warehouse for a long while, or been shipped around the world, is worth every penny.

Thanks for listening, is it bedtime yet?