How to fold a fitted sheet

The beautiful folding of a fitted sheet is a skill many never master (admittedly we hadn't either until recently). The technique many adopt is simply scrunching, rolling or stuffing. But wouldn't it be lovely to have a linen cupboard filled with perfectly folded sheets?

Help is at hand. We gave Cat (and Chutney) the task of teaching us how to fold a fitted sheet - properly.

Watch our video tutorial, share with friends and send us some snaps of your perfectly folded sheets.

Step one

Lay your sheet flat on the bed, elastic side up.

Step two

In each hand take hold of the two sewn corners closest to you. Grab the corners from the outside of the sheet and push them inside out so your fists are hidden by the elasticated corners.

Then, holding firmly on to those corners match them to the opposing corners and push your fists inside the elasticated corner so the corner seams are aligned, one pair inside the other.

Step three

Your sheet should now look folded in half, with the elasticated edges forming a neat 3-sided rectangle within the main rectangle of the sheet. Now match one pair of corners with the other pair, tucking one inside the other to make a neat parcel of all four corners. Holding tightly to these corners, shake out the folded sheet to make sure no sides are caught up.

Step four

Lay your sheet back flat onto the bed (it should make a square or rectangle depending on the size of your sheet).

Now you can ignore the elasticated edges and using the outer corners of this folded sheet keep folding until it's the size you need it to be for neat storage.  

In the video we folded ours three times, lengthways, starting from the edge with the elastic. Then we folded into three again, to make a neat rectangle.

Tadah! A little practice and you'll be a pro and your laundry cupboard will be the smartest on the street.