Exclusive Bed Linen Designs

Hi, I’m Molly.

I look after the product design and development here at the Secret Linen Store.

My mum says that I was born with a love for fabrics, I was carrying a rag or a snippet of a pillowcases around with me before I could talk, and my memories of childhood all revolve around wall papers, cushions, clothes that people wore and patterns on floors. My Mum was my inspiration, always changing the décor, the curtains, the colour on the walls at home (poor Dad). I remember all of my duvet covers, from studying the patterns and one particular one that came with me to university (it was black and red) could possibly have been the reason why I chose a career as a Textile Designer.

So, imagine how much fun this is. I get to make patterns, choose colours, create room schemes and play with fabrics and yarns all day long. Even our plain white bedding (which I secretly love as much as any pattern bedding) is designed and created too. We look at yarns, weaving techniques, finishing and hemming for every item, regardless of pattern and colour.

Patterns are a pleasure, I am often doodling and creating a new idea for a duvet cover. Nature is normally my starting point, leaves and flowers always lead to great patterns. You will find many a stripe in our web site shop, thick ones, Breton ones, and even tiny stripes. Stripes work anywhere if you ask me, and I am often striped myself.

I love putting colours together, tearing pictures from magazines, drawing and making a mess. I have always thought of a bed like a picture, you can colour it in with different patterns, colours and fabrics. I have created our collection to appeal to all, if your taste is simple and smart, there is something for you, if you want your bed to shout and be the focal point of the room, there’s a bed linen for you too. Neither wrong or right, just different which makes this job so varied and such a complete pleasure.

We don’t make our bed linen for anyone else, only under our own Secret Linen Store Brand. You won’t find it labelled as something different elsewhere. We would love to hear from you if there is something missing as we are constantly creating and adding to our collection. Do keep in touch and come back every now and then to see what we have up our sleeves.

Sleep well and have fun creating your perfect bed.