Choose Love

We always said we wanted to do things differently and from the very beginning we set out to make the Secret Linen Store a fun place to work, somewhere that designs, makes and shares amazing textiles and a company that does good things for people and the planet.

When we stumbled across the charity Choose Love, we knew it was a bedtime story we needed to get involved with.

Choose Love is a wonderful charitable organisation founded in 2015 after a small group of celebrities took to social media to help displaced people in Calais, originally known as ‘Help Refugees’ it became ‘Choose Love’ in 2021. They continue to raise tens of millions of pounds for displaced people all over the world.

We wanted to find a charity that helps people who don’t have homes or nice beds, as we do. We met with Choose Love and were really bowled over by their optimism and positive approach to an issue that feels far too big for anyone to tackle. We’ve been supporting them in a number of ways for a few years now.

  • We’ve raised funds from promotions, had sample sales and made one off donations, and our grand total donated is now well over £40,000.

  • We’ve launched a small collection of exclusive designs that we sell where 100% of profits go to Choose Love. You can shop our duvet cover here.

We will continue to work with Choose Love in any way we can because we believe that everyone is entitled to a safe and comfortable place to rest their head, and the work Choose Love are doing helps us and so many more to sleep better at night.

Choose Love support causes all over the world and our donations have contributed towards:

Dentistry in Athens: £2,248.44 

Providing medical and dental care, including triage and treatment, medication, and preventative care to refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants arriving in Greece. 

Women in Thessaloniki: £10,000 

Irida Women’s Centre works to create safe, more equitable, inclusive communities in Greece by contributing to the empowerment of refugee and migrant women. This donation contributed to food and winter supplies for women and children in Thessaloniki. 

LOGS, Families and Unaccompanied Children in Romania: £5,000 

This is a grass-roots organisation settled in Romania that promotes the integration of vulnerable migrant groups, fights human trafficking, and uses education as a means of overcoming social vulnerability. This grant contributed to their frontline delivery of food items, food vouchers, and medical assistance to support people on the move arriving in Timisoara. 


Supporting individuals impacted and displaced by the invasion of Ukraine.