Bedding Made Especially For You

Do you need something special?

We make all of our bedding to order, which means that you have a freshly made item, and we can offer you a great selection of duvets, pillows and mattress protectors to make your perfect bed. This also means that we can tailor togs or finely tune filled items especially for you (within reason). We can make pretty much anything that you want, just so long as you start with the fillings and casings that we hold in stock…

Split Tog Duvet or Partner Duvet

Most couples will agree that one is warmer than the other. Often we hear tales of hot people sleeping with cold partners, and the dilemmas over which duvet tog to choose.

Well, the good news from us is that we can make a Partner Duvet especially for you, which is one duvet that feels and behaves like a completely normal duvet, but has a different tog rating on each side. You can choose from any of our fillings to make your partner duvet. Your new duvet will be labelled on each side so you can find the right tog for your side of the bed.

Extra Soft or Extra Firm?

We offer our pillows in two standard fills, with medium or firm as your choice. If you would like an extra firm or super soft pillow, we would be delighted to help. We offer this service for all of our pillow fillings, and in all sizes.

Do you need something extra extra special...?

Whether it be for a boat, a bunk house, a castle or Goldilocks, we know that beds can come in different shapes and sizes so finding bedding to fit can be a problem. We can make duvets, protectors, toppers and pillows all in special sizes – if we have the ingredients to make your perfect bed, then we’d love to help.

Special orders are at our discretion so please simply drop the team an email at or call through on 01243 822 599 and we can chat bedding, beds and breakfast (we love to swap recipes!).

Just one quick note from us… we’re afraid that if we are making custom bedding especially for you, you won’t be able to return or exchange it unless it is faulty.