Anti-Allergy Bedding

The changing seasons can be confusing when it comes to picking the right bedding, without the added pressure of knowing what fabrics and fillings might affect any allergies you have.

If you’re about to embark on a mission to find the best anti-allergy duvet or pillows, you’ll find lots of products listed as hypoallergenic and anti-allergy, but what does this really mean and how do you know which is the best option for you?

We’ve put together this handy guide on everything you need to know about anti-allergy bedding, from definitions and recommendations, to knowing more about our fantastic anti-allergy duvets, pillows and sustainable bedding sets that don’t compromise on quality.

What does anti-allergy mean?

To put it into context, we aren’t talking about your typical hay fever (although symptoms can be similar). Generally, when talking about anti-allergy bedding, we are referring to products with anti-dust mite and anti-fungal qualities that prevent you from suffering from unpleasant allergy symptoms like eczema, asthma and other breathing conditions that will all, at some point or another, impact your quality of sleep.

While not everyone experiences these symptoms, they can be incredibly common and one of the simplest fixes is to invest in anti-allergy bedding. So, what exactly makes bedding anti-allergy?

There are a number of processes that can make bedding anti-allergy, and bedding products may have additional qualities or go through certain treatments that give them extra superpowers to eliminate the risk of causing any reactions.

Tightly woven calendared fabrics are best due to their ability to form a literal barrier against tiny mites. Using sanitised down and feather blends, as well as premium branded synthetics as we do, also means our bedding is so clean that there is no food source for these little mites in the first place.

We love that our natural products are also certified Downafresh® and NOMITE® compliant by the EDFA (European Down & Feather Association, meaning that our lovely bedding meets the EN 12935 standards for cleanliness and purity of feathers and down, and has amazing thermal properties and low humidity – not a good home for those pesky mites.

Anti-allergy duvets and pillows

Our gorgeous duvets come in a range of fills from synthetics to natural fillings.

The synthetic fillings we use, like our Hollowfibre or Microfibre duvets, are hypoallergenic meaning they won’t cause any nasty allergies or reactions at all. The processes used to make the fibres and down in these fillings go through multiple tests and strict protocols to become Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, meeting all the health and safety standards to make them super safe and allergy-free. What’s more, it’s not just the filling, but the super soft covers, threads and finishes of the fabric too, so we’re super confident you’ll be snoozing safely in no time.

All of our natural fillings like our Hungarian goose feather and down duvets, are also hypoallergenic as the turbidity (cleanliness) of the fillings is really high. Are you ready for the science bit? Turbidity and oxygen tests are used to measure the amount of organic or biological matter in each batch of down and feathers products, with European standards needing a minimum of 300mm or above for turbidity and less than 20 for oxygen. We’re proud that our natural duvets all qualify with turbidity levels between 500 and 1000mm and oxygen levels far exceeding required standards for hypoallergenic bedding, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the very best protection.

Our anti-allergy bedding collections

Looking for anti-allergy pillows or an anti-allergy duvet and not sure where to start?

Developed with you in mind, we can pinkie promise that all of the bedding we create is not only super soft and comfortable but environmentally conscious and guaranteed to have you craving bedtime. Although we are confident that our feather and down bedding will keep you safe from any pesky allergies, below we have detailed a few of our feather-free ranges for those who want to steer clear.

100% Organic Wool

All the way from the Yorkshire Pennines, we’re pleased as punch to have Finest Organic Wool duvets in our range. The luxury of wool goes far beyond it being one of the oldest fibres on our planet (that we have been borrowing from superstar sheep for over 5,000 years).

As an extremely durable filling, wool has temperature regulating superpowers, helping to keep your body at just the right temperature so you can nod off to sleep without counting sheep.

Super easy to clean and able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp or going mouldy, wool is a fantastic option when it comes to minimising discomfort.

We don’t use any nasty chemicals when washing or processing our wool. This helps us to make super hypoallergenic bedding, so a great choice for any allergy sufferers.

One of the most exciting things about wool bedding is its environmental credentials (which we care about a lot). Wool is renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable – it can’t get much better than that.

Good as Goose

Our Good as Goose bedding uses siliconised polyester ball fibres (Dacron® Comforel® ECO 2), that gather in super soft clusters to give you the luxury feel of down, without a feather in sight – great for those with allergies.

The tiny light fibres are hand-filled into baffle wall pockets, using top-notch computer-controlled weighing equipment to keep them evenly distributed for the perfect drape across your body and the cosiest sleep. Boasting fantastic thermal qualities to keep you well insulated and featuring a 100% cotton case, this anti-allergy bedding option will also wick away any excess moisture in the night.

Our Bottle Bedding

We don’t need to tell you that plastic is a problem. Much bigger than some tiny dust mites, there is not enough space to write down all of the reasons we need to use less plastic. One brilliant thing we can do, thanks to some very clever people, is to source a filling made directly from plastic bottles discarded into the rivers and seas around the world.

Collected by Plastic Bank (Social Plastic®), the bottles are cleaned and recycled before being used to manufacture bedding filling fibres in Germany. This soft, very fluffy and durable filling is called AERELLE® Blue with all the quality and comfort that you would expect from a polyester-filled product, but with the added benefit of also qualifying for the EU Ecolabel.

All of our Bottle Bedding duvets and pillows are produced using AERELLE® Blue and are certified by the Global Recycling Standard.

As one of our synthetic fibre options, sleep soundly knowing our Bottle Bedding is anti-allergy and softer than soft to the touch, covered with a premium 100% cotton cover.

Keep Me Cool

These mattress and pillow protector ranges are the answer to keeping your brilliant bedding fresh, clean and prolonging its life.

Made from a superfine, engineered Coolmax® fabric with a light polyester filling, our Safe and Sound pillow protectors also speedily wick away unnecessary moisture to keep you dry, providing a double barrier for your bedding and those dust mites well and truly out.

With our Keep Me Cool mattress protector, you’re in for the comfiest snooze thanks to the temperature-regulating superpowers of its Climarelle® Cool technology. This phase change material (PCM) features cooling and warming microcapsules built into the fabric that adapt and change from liquid to solid throughout the night, depending how hot or cold you or your environment get, helping you reach optimum sleeping conditions.

Have we got you even more excited for bedtime? Shop our full range of anti-allergy, sustainable duvets and pillows.