How long has it been since you had a 'proper' cosy night in?

Is there anything better than having an entire evening to yourself, to do whatever you please? Although that's easier said than done, before you know it your night of self indulgence becomes an evening cleaning the bathroom, answering emails and drinking a cold cup of tea - we've all been there.

It's time you set aside some 'me time'. We recently asked you lovely lot what makes your perfect night-in and this is what you said...


First things first, get relaxed. A long hot bath is in order, with all the trimmings (go on... use your fancy bubbles). A dip in the tub will make you feel less stressed, ease achy joints and if you've got the sniffles, it will fix that too. A hot bath before bed is a great way to get a good nights sleep.


A cosy night-in should be just that, so get comfy. We know that 54% of you like to sleep in your birthday suits but dig out some super soft PJs to lounge in. Here at SLS HQ we've gone a bit barmy for Yawn Pyjamas (they've almost become a uniform), we've never slept in anything softer!

Set the Scene

Open fires, a wood burner or lots and lots of scented candles. These seem to be your favourite ways to get in the mood to relax. Spending five minutes making your room smell delicious is the perfect way to make you enjoy the night more. Plus... who doesn't love candles?

Good Food

Every night in needs to be accompanied by a delicious feast. Whether that's a chocolate treat, a takeaway or whipping yourself up something delicious in the kitchen. If you're having an evening in with your partner, cook together with a glass of wine and some good music.

Blankets and Throws

Essentials for getting snug. The more blankets you have the better. Our knitted throws are the perfect companion for snuggling up on the sofa to watch a movie. For optimum comfort we recommend going all out and bringing your duvet to the sofa (adults are allowed to do this too you know!).


A cosy night-in is the perfect excuse to make you feel fresh again. Spending some time on your bedtime beauty routine helps you unwind and will even make drifting off that little bit easier. ThisWorks have a Deep Sleep range that is designed to get your skin glowing and ensures a restful nights sleep.

Before you know it you'll feel relaxed, revived and ready for bed.

Do you have top tips for a cosy night in?

We'd love to know, relaxing in our PJs is what we do best.