Twill Forest Green Bedding

Moss. Emerald. Seafoam. Lime. From lush and verdant garden hues to glamourous jewel-like tones, pigeon feathers to bright and zesty sorbet shades, green appears in more guises than just pea-soup and 70's avocado. With its roots firmly planted in nature, the colour green is grounded in tranquillity, providing a sense of balance and harmony wherever you choose to splash it, perfect for transforming a bland bedroom into a zen-like space.

To help you embrace green bedding (or its blue-tinged neighbor, teal bedding) in all its glory, we've put together a list of a few of green's best colour pairings; you'll be amazed at the sheer variety of styles this most versatile of hue compliments!

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Green and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Green doesn't have to be bold. Take a leaf out of nature's lookbook and opt for a peaceful pairing by combining olive green and grey. Delivering full-on Scandi vibes, this gentle duo is sure to create a snooze-worthy setting that feels cocooning in winter and cooling in summer.

No matter if you choose a light mushroom grey or something a little darker like charcoal, this 'can't-go-wrong' colour works well as either a backdrop or an accent pop, just remember to add warmth and depth with texture - jute rugs, terracotta pots and rustic rough-hewn wood match the ‘outdoors-in’ aesthetic, while a thick knit bed throw brings maximum comfort. Finish by hanging our Olive Green Linen Curtains and relish in the feeling of sunlight streaming through the treetops without even having to leave the comfort of your bed.

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Pink and Green Bedroom Ideas

Take it to the tropics with a blush pink and green combo. Despite sitting on opposite sides of the colour wheel, when these two rub shoulders they make a vibrant and exciting pair, lending a summery feel to your bedroom all year round.

If you're a maximalist at heart, use this unconventional colour palette to have fun playing with jungle-inspired patterns and textures, think palm prints on the wallpaper, rattan furniture and quirky displays of treasures brought back from your exotic adventures. As not to overwhelm, be sure to break up the abundance of bits and bobs by adding in areas of white, then shake yourself up a cocktail and bask in the beauty of bedtime.

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Green and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Nothing says capital O opulence quite like glimmers of rich, burnished gold against the deep coolness of earthy forest tones. While not for the faint-hearted, moodier green hues can create a look of palace-worthy sophistication, and when paired with metallic touches, we're sure you'll convert to this controversial combo. However, if you're dipping your toe into this trend, consider going one shade lighter on the paint card as colours look darker on the wall.

Finish upping the style ante by piling on plenty of soft and sumptuous layers and dotting about the odd statement piece. Then, add an eclectic array of graphic textiles like our Zig Zag Forest Green Bed Throw and Cushion Covers for extra visual interest and to help stop a dark-coloured room from looking flat.

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If bold colour combos still feel a little daunting, the crisp, Granny Smith freshness of a green and white interior scheme makes an incredibly dependable double act that's easy to pull-off and unlikely to ever fall out of favour. One bold burst of vivacious chartreuse can be a real showstopper in a modern monochromatic design, while a few smaller pops here and there will help draw the eye through the space without disturbing the peace.

Whether it's getting our five-a-day, spending more time in the great outdoors or doing our bit for the planet, we all know green is good for us, so why not bottle a little of that feel-good feeling and bring it into your bedroom design? Let us know how you’ve worked this colour into your snooze-space, we would love to see your pictures!

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P.S. For more ideas on how to grow and cultivate a green scheme in your home, take a peep at our Pinterest board.

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