Waffle Throws in a Rainbow of Colours

Every bed needs a sweet serving of waffle, and we have wonderful waffle weave throws in a rainbow of colours.  Light, breathable, stylish and snuggly, a waffle throw is a must for a cosy bedtime.

What's so Wonderful About Waffle?

A waffle throw is a wondrous thing. The unique texture - which resembles everyone's favourite breakfast treat - traps body heat and creates an excellent layer of insulation. Made from responsibly sourced 100% cotton and available in a range of pretty colours, these waffly delights are beautifully breathable and easy to take care of.

A waffle - or waffle weave - throw, is a type of blanket with a lovely textured pattern resembling the dimples found on waffles. This distinctive weave makes them ever so breathable and warm and the attractive grid-like pattern means that they look just as good as they feel.

Waffle throws are versatile and can be used comfortably all year round. The waffle texture traps air which makes the throw very warm and cosy for winter months, but because the fabric is a lightweight 100% cotton, a waffle throw is a wonderful breathable option for the heat of the summer.

Our 100% cotton waffle throws are easy to care for. They can be washed at 40 degrees and then either line-dried or given a gentle tumble. No ironing is necessary here and your throw will be back on your bed before you can say, "Is it bedtime, yet?".