Soft And Styling Long Nighties

We can't wait to jump into bed in our wonderful long nighties! Made from the finest, peachy soft, organic cotton jersey and laundered 100% linen, our long nighties are full-length to keep you perfectly covered, have a super flattering fit and lovely delicate details for the best bedtime ever.

Long Nighties For a Very Stylish Bedtime

Long nighties are the epitome of elegance as well as being very cosy indeed. Ideal for cooler nights, they provide convenience and style, all in one super comfortable package.

As opposed to pyjamas, a nightie fits loosely and therefore can potentially be a more comfortable option for bedtime. Wearing a nightie allows your body to move and breathe more easily, helping to regulate your body temperature and sleep soundly all night long.

A long nightie is basically a very simple maxi dress. It's important that a nightie has no irritating or uncomfortable embellishments or clasps. All our long nighties simply slip over the head so they can be worn very comfortably all night long. A little bird tells us that one of our Willa 100% linen nighties makes an excellent beach dress.

Whether you cover up or bare it all is very much up to you. Many people prefer to go without underwear under a nightie to allow for maximum comfort and breathability. But, for various reasons, others prefer to wear a comfortable bra top and/or knickers underneath. Comfort is key so it's entirely up to you whether you go with or without.