Organic Cotton Loungewear That's Super Soft

We searched high and low for the softest organic cotton jersey we could find to make our lovely cotton loungewear, and are so happy with the peachy soft finish you'll find in this range. Made by our clever friends in Portugal, choose from the comfiest tops and bottoms to mix and match. We'll see you on the sofa!

Organic Cotton Nightwear For a Dreamy Bedtime

Organic cotton nightwear is a sustainable and comfortable choice. It's gentle on the skin, breathable, and eco-friendly. Choosing to sleep in some of our stylish organic cotton is a positive step towards personal comfort and environmental responsibility.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, while regular cotton is conventionally grown using pesticides and GMOs. Organic cotton is more environmentally friendly, often softer, and less likely to contain chemical residues, making it a healthier and sustainable choice. Organic cotton is a little more expensive than our normal responsibly sourced cotton, because, believe it or not, growing cotton without the use of pesticides and chemicals is actually more expensive. But we think that it is worth the difference in price.

Organic cotton is grown sustainably and is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. Organic cotton nightwear is gentle on the skin, breathable, and promotes a healthier planet. Choosing organic cotton ensures a restful and eco-conscious night's sleep. You can read more here about why organic cotton is an excellent choice.

Natural fibres such as cotton and linen are perfect choices for hot sleepers. They are breathable and airy and have excellent moisture-wicking properties allowing you to sleep more comfortably at night. And organic cotton has the added benefit of being sustainably grown so you can snooze soundly knowing you've done your best for the planet too.

Yes, organic cotton is less likely to contain residue from pesticides and chemicals, making it a preferred choice for those of us with sensitive or easily irritated skin.