Uncover The Luxurious Comfort of Sleeping on 100% Linen Bed Sheets

Handcrafted with care in Portugal using the finest flax yarns, these bed sheets embrace the natural fibres of linen, creating an exceptionally breathable and temperature-regulating bedding experience that will keep you comfortable all night long. Explore our delightful selection of linen bed sheets, available in an array of stunning colours, each with a soft laundered finish that grows even more inviting with every wash.

For added variety, discover our delightful plains and ticking stripes, carefully crafted from a blend of linen and cotton. Whichever style you choose, your bed will be 'the place' to be.  Experience the ultimate blend of comfort, style, and sustainability with our remarkable linen bedding.

Lovely Linen in Sheets of all Sizes

With their natural breathability and temperature-regulating properties, linen bed sheets ensure a blissful night's sleep year-round. Read on to find out why you should join our 100% linen fan club...

Yes, linen bed sheets are ideal for year-round use. Their natural breathability and temperature-regulating properties make them adaptable to different seasons. Linen keeps you cool in the summer by wicking away moisture, while its insulating qualities provide warmth during colder months. It's a versatile fabric that can provide comfort in a range of climates.

Linen is highly breathable and known for its excellent airflow properties. The natural fibres are also fabulous at wicking moisture away from your body, helping to regulate body temperature and keep you cool in hot weather. This breathability ensures a more comfortable and sweat-free sleep.

Linen is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites, making it an excellent choice for people with allergies or sensitive skin. The breathable nature of linen also helps in minimising the buildup of allergens and maintaining a cleaner sleeping environment.

100% linen bed sheets require a little gentle care to maintain their quality. They can be machine washed in cold or warm water with a mild detergent and we don't recommend using any bleach or harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric.

Linen bed sheets tend to wrinkle naturally - which we feel adds to their unique appeal - but if you prefer a smoother appearance, you can iron them on a medium setting while they are still slightly damp. Consult our Linen Care Guide for more information about taking care of your 100% linen bed sheets.

Yes, linen bed sheets tend to get softer and more comfortable with each wash. Regular washing and lots of lovely use helps to break in the linen fibres, resulting in a softer and more luxurious bedding experience.