What the UK is Wearing to Bed

It was a fierce competition and closer than we could have imagined, but the nation has spoken: it likes to sleep in its birthday suit.

There wasn’t much in it, mind: 54 per cent of our respondents from across the country said they liked to sleep naked, compared with 46 per cent who like to cover up.

We’ve produced a beautiful infographic (below) which breaks down our findings in more detail. For instance, naked sleeping is something that men seem to favour more than women; more interesting, though, is that it is people in the mature age brackets who more often slip between their lovely sheets in nothing at all, while our younger respondents are apparently far more modest.

It’s also fascinating to spot the regional differences. Truly, 100% of those who responded to our survey in both Northern Ireland and the North East liked to sleep free of pyjamas, while 82 per cent of those in the East Midlands would rather be tucked up in their favourite T-shirt.

Why sleep naked?

“I like the feel of my bed sheets cold”

Over two-thirds of people said they were more comfortable when sleeping in their birthday suit, 32 per cent would overheat in a nightie, and 24 per cent said they liked to let their body breathe. Almost a fifth of respondents said they simply couldn’t sleep if they wore nightclothes, while 13 per cent said it made them feel more amorous. Others said they liked to luxuriate in their sheets and couldn’t do so if encumbered by clothes.

They might be onto something, too. Research reveals that sleeping naked can reduce stress, improve skin health, boost self-esteem and even slow down the ageing process. It can also bring couples closer together through the passing of a bonding hormone called oxytocin through the skin from male to female. However, it’s not for everyone.

Pyjamas please!

“Sometimes a T-shirt, or a T-shirt and pants, depending on my mood”

Although it seemed to depend on the time of year, pyjamas were the most commonly-grabbed item of night wear, assuming 50 per cent of responses and favoured especially by women. Only 12 per cent of women said they liked an actual nightie, however; more preferred a vest top and knickers, which suggests this traditional form of night wear is falling out of fashion. Meanwhile, the majority of men prefer just to sport a pair of pants (16 per cent).

Here’s a surprising fact for you: people who have a pink bedroom are far more likely to wear night clothes than sleep naked. People with a cream room do the reverse.

For a nation which has historically endured a reputation as being uptight and reserved, we think the survey findings are riveting, as though we’ve uncovered a huge secret! What do you think? We would love to hear whether you agree or not.

Graphs, pie charts and statistics on what the UK wears to bed.
Graphs, pie charts and statistics on what the UK wears to bed.
Graphs, pie charts and statistics on what the UK wears to bed.