Trending colours in nurseries and children's bedrooms

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Welcome to the wonderful world of colour and cosiness. If you're preparing a nursery or redecorating a child’s room, choosing the right colour scheme is just as crucial as picking the most comfortable bedding. Our newly launched Baby and Child bedding collection offers a perfect palette of colours patterns and styles, designed to inspire and complement your home decor. Here are all the secrets to creating a delightful and cohesive space that both you and your little one will love.

The Basics of Nursery Colour Psychology

Colour profoundly affects us, even from a very young age. For nurseries, choosing the right colours can help create a calming and nurturing environment. Soft pastels like baby pink, sky blue, sage green and light yellow are traditional favourites that invite soft serenity. Our ABC and Fleur sets have gentle hues that encourage snoozing soundly.

Vibrant colours stimulate learning and creativity. Include lively colours like mustard yellow from our Mustard Spot Little Quinn Quilt or the playful polka dots from our Frankie collection. These rich tones can be introduced through bedding, paint features, decorative accessories, or curtains, keeping the base colour neutral so the room can grow with your child. 

Unisex Colour Palettes

Neutral colours such as yellow, mink, green and taupe are versatile and timeless, suitable for all ages and genders. They provide a great foundation, allowing colourful accents to pop. Our Baby & Child collection was lovingly designed by our Founding Sister, Molly Freshwater, to be unisex and universally loved by you and your children. 

Secret Linen Store

Tips for Decorating a Cohesive Space

Foundation First: Use muted or neutral colours on the walls and floors so that the room can grow with your little one and be switched up with their changing tastes.

Beautiful Bedding: Bedding and soft accessories are a brilliant way to add colour, texture and pattern to the room. Our new Baby & Child collection is made from 100% Organic Cotton and promises cosy comfort and joyful designs to lift your interior.

Mix Textures and Layers: Combine various textures for a super snug feel. Add a cosy quilt or our beautiful baby blankets for extra warmth and style.

Functional Furniture: Choose furniture that grows with your child. Cot beds and adjustable shelves or desks are practical choices. Make the big items a strong foundation and then let the finishing touches do the talking.

Creative Walls: Consider wall stickers, stencils, or a gallery wall of illustrations to personalise the space and inject creativity and inspiration.

Lighting: Soft, warm lighting makes the room feel snug and inviting. A decorative nightlight or a dimmable lamp can be both functional and a charming added touch.