The Ultimate Spring Clean With Wilton London

As Spring rears its blossoming head, we’re shaping up for a great big spring clean to start the season off right. We’ve turned to our favourite laundry guru, Sam, from Wilton London to help us freshen up our homes with his clever, spring time tips. Over to you Sam...

Hello everyone! If like me, you packed away your spring / summer items away in the Autumn, they’ll need a good freshen up. I’ve got 5 neat little tips ready to help you to embark on your best Spring clean yet!

Take Your Bedding Out for Some Much-Needed Sun

Here at Wilton London we always try to find the most eco friendly methods of doing just about anything! And there’s no better helping hand than Mother Nature herself. Get your duvet covers, pillowcases and bedding hung up outside to air dry (or just air out) and bask in the spring sunshine. That musky smell on your packed away linens is pretty common place, but easily fixed with a little dose of air drying your sheets in the sun. The suns natural UV rays are a great eco-conscious way of helping to rid your bedding of any bad smells. Don’t worry if you’re lacking on the sunshine front, even on an overcast day, the fresh air will do your linens wonders.

Start High, Finish Low

The annual Spring Clean can move around a lot of dust and dirt, whenever I start working on cleaning a room, I like to pick the high points like light fixtures and curtain rails, and work my way down to my furniture, leaving the carpet/flooring to last, where any displaced dust and dirt may have landed. Micro-fibre cloths and multi-surface cleaning sprays will be your trusty companion for freshening up any surfaces on this adventure! Our Multi-surface cleaners are gentle and smell great. Our grapefruit scent will get you into the spring clean mood.

Your Mattress is in need of some TLC

We spend a lot of time with our mattress, especially in the winter, so a good clean should always be in mind when it comes to Spring cleaning! Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to give it a thorough surface clean, and don’t forget the sides too, this will help you pick up any dust and dirt that may be hiding within the upper threads and folds of your mattress. I’d recommend leaving your mattress bare for a few hours with the windows open to allow it to breathe now that it’s been vacuumed clean! (and don’t forget to flip it over and take a hand to the underside, especially if you have an open slated bed where dust may form and get trapped).

Deal with your spills and stains

Missed a stain on some of your bedding when you packed it away last Autumn? There's no need to stress out about it... all you need is a good bleach to lend a helping hand. We've actually just launched a new Oxy Bleach and is the perfect helper to rescue your stained or faded linens. Our chlorine and phosphate free formula is kind to the environment, readily biodegradable, vegan and doesn't contain any enzymes or optical brighteners. The only nasties going down your drain will be those pesky stains. This key combination will help you renew your sheets. Not only will it rid you sheets of stain, it will also get rid of musty smells.

Soak your stained sheets or clothes in a mix of 5L of warm water and our laundry bleach before washing. Or, add the oxy bleach to your normal wash for extra cleaning power. For best results, I would recommend washing at 40C or 60C.

Put Winter To Rest

Your Spring clean is as much about prepping for the change in season as it is archiving your Winter wares. Think ahead and make the most of how you store these heavier items. It’s important to make sure your winter bedding is clean and stain free before you put it away, natural body and hair oils may discolour your winter sheets over time, it’s best to get them washed and sparkling white now.

Bulkier items can take up a lot of space too, vacuum sealed containers are a great way to reduce the size of heavier pieces. The vacuum created will help you to avoid the potential build-up of humidity and mould that can easily occur within plastic boxes. Alternatively, an airy cupboard or armoire will let your winter items breathe comfortably throughout the year.

Try to keep your sets together when storing them away. Nothing worse than realising your bedding doesn’t match after you’ve dressed the bed – I’ve been there many a time.