The Meaning of Your Sleep Position

We all sleep differently, twisting and turning dozens of times every night. However, we each tend to have a favourite position, one which we fall into when we just can’t keep our eyes open any longer. If stories are to be believed, these positions are said to reveal a lot about our personalities. We thought we’d take a look - what do you think?

The six main positions

Of the hundreds of positions we sleep in, there are six that are found to be the 'most common'.


41% of us are said to assume the foetal position (I don't think this one needs much explaining). Although is more common among women than men.

Those of us who sleep like babies (literally) might appear to have a tough exterior but generally are quite shy. Sensetive souls but will be sure to loosen up once they get to know someone.

Flat on your back

Known as ‘the soldier’ you'll drift off with both your arms and legs dead straight in a closed position.

This indicates someone who is no-nonsense and doesn’t like a fuss. They're reserved and hold extremely high standards for both themselves and others.

On your front

Those who sleep on their stomach, legs straight, arms up in what’s known as the ‘freefall’ position.

This bunch are outgoing, but perhaps a little blunt and brash. They’re not very good at accepting criticism and are actually quite thin-skinned, despite that gregarious exterior.

The starfish

You’re the one who loves a big bed and hogs all the room, resting on your back with your arms and legs apart like a... you guessed it... starfish.

Even though they may steal the mattress space, these people don’t like being centre of attention. They are good listeners though and are always willing to help others.

The yearner

On your side with your arms out as if grabbing something and a whopping 13% of us are sleeping this way everynight.

Why? Because they want to, they're being stubborn. They’re also cynical, suspicious and unlikely to change their mind once they’ve made a decision. That said, they do have a very open nature.

The log

This position involves lying stiff as a log, on your side with your arms down straight.

A position favoured by those that are very trushing; perhaps a little too much. They're sociable and love to be popular with others.

What about couples’ habits?

Whether you’re the one who hogs all the space, steals the duvet, squishes up next to your loved one or sleeps at the very edge of the bed, the way we sleep with our other half is also very revealing.


Couples that fall asleep in this traditional pose are said to exhibit a dynamic where one partners is protective over the other.

Face to face and intertwined

In constant contact, this is a very intimate sleeping position which indicates a very happy and trusting relationship.

Face to face, not touching

Ooer, apparently this position indicates an emotionally draining relationship but one where there is perhaps a yearning for closer contact.

Head of their chest

A position seen among new lovers, one partner resting their head on the other’s chest is sweet and romantic but also hints at passion.

So what's the best position for great sleep?

Of the many configurations, specialists recommend sleeping on your side in order to improve the quality of your sleep, boost your comfort levels and decrease the possibility of interrupted slumber. Bending the knees towards the chest is said to be the most cosy position. Pregnant women will know well that sleeping on your side is advised to prevent aches and pains, but it’s also meant to be the healthiest position for those suffering with back, hip or leg pain as it doesn’t add any extra strain on your body.

It also helps to have a comfy bed; is it time you bought some new pillows or a mattress? Maybe those scratchy old sheets could be replaced with something a little softer? You also need to consider what you're doing before bed... turn of the tv, read a book and take time to settle.

Are all front sleepers brash? Are yearners really cynical?

You can try to adopt a different sleep position, perhaps one which more closely mirrors your personality traits, but ultimately, you will manoeuvre yourself into your favourite - probably without even realising.

Anything that results in us getting a great nights sleep has to be a good thing - right?