Styling Our SS21 Collection

As a new season rolls in, so does another gorgeous gang of new bed linens and accessories for us all to enjoy. We're here to lend a helping hand to make sure your new linens and accessories look as fabulous as possible. Whether you're looking to drift to sleep in lovely 100% Linen, slide into our new Super Soft Sateen colours or you're looking to get cosy in Cotton, we're here to help...

Super Soft Sateens

One (of many) wonderful things about our Super Soft Sateen colours is that they all compliment each other and look great mixed and matched. Raspberry Sorbet looks delicious matched with French Blue, or if you like something a little more understated then the nature inspired Olive Green and Shroom are great choices to bring the outside, indoors.

Not only can you mix and match colour, but fabrics too. A complimentary 100% Linen Flat Sheet always looks gorgeous draped over the top of the duvet, especially with a cosy throw to keep you warm. Throw in few extra pillowcases too, just like our Sid Stripe 100% Linen to break up the colour and to add a little bit of pattern to your bed.

Violet French Blue

Imagine a chateau in France… now that is where your're headed when you’ve got the lovely Violet 100% Linen in French Blue on your bed. Violet looks beautiful with more blues, and even a little grey mixed in. We think it looks great draped with a Pebble Grey 100% Linen Flat Sheet over the top of the duvet for an extra layered look (and another one in French Blue for good measure). 100% Linen has the most yummy natural creases, so when making up your Violet Bed, don't worry about ironing your sheets, embrace the creases and enjoy a cuppa in bed instead.

To finish off your bedroom, don't forget to dress your window too. If you're mixing Pebble Grey and French Blue together, either colour of 100% Linen Curtains will look amazing. You can even layer up the curtains in both colours if you like.

Alice Stripe

Oh how we love stripes, so we couldn't wait to bring another one into the stripey gang. Alice is an absolute breath of fresh air with her powder blue and white stripes, and is the perfect way to bring some light into your bedroom.

We love matching Alice with our Lenny Blue Throw and a few White 100% Linen Pillowcases to break up the pattern. For the ultimate easy-breezy bedroom, make sure you've got lots and lots of natural light coming in through your window (even better if there dressed in 100% linen curtains).

If you're feeling brave, you can always consider adding some more pattern or colour to your Alice bed. How about adding the odd Blush Pink Pillowcase, or maybe even our pink and white gingham Mabel Pillowcase to create a dreamy pastel pattern clash.

Soft Sam

Our lovely Sam may be simple but he sure does deliver... super soft and an absolute dream to hunker down into at bedtime.

We think that Sam looks his best when mixed with similar colours, just like light greys, whites and sage. A thick, comfy quilted throw will add to the luxurious cosiness of Sam, and pillows stacked high to the ceiling will make you want to run home and jump into bed.

When choosing your pillowcases, make sure that you add some whites to break up the greys. If you'd like to add some pattern, then you can't go wrong with adding some timeless stripes. Maybe you could even throw in some Eve Cream Pillowcases if you want to add a little bit of drama to your bed.