Styling Our Kitty McCall Collection

To celebrate the launch of our brand-new, bright and colourful collaboration with  Kitty McCall, we got chatting with founder Catherine all about the very best ways to style it. From colour schemes to decorative touches, you can find all you need to have your home looking brighter than a summer garden in no time…

Catherine of Kitty McCall in front of a gallery wall

When creating a cosy and inviting feeling in your bedroom, your bed is crucial as the focal point. Therefore, starting with the right foundation when styling your bed is essential. The summer garden bedding is an excellent choice as it looks beautiful, and the linen's natural fibres keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it easy on the eyes and perfect for any season. To help you make the most of our floral bedding collection, we're sharing our top tips for styling it to achieve maximum impact and comfort.

Coordinating Sheets

Ensuring that your sheets coordinate with the overall print is essential when styling the summer garden bedding. Whether you choose matching colours or slightly lighter or deeper sheets, this will help tie the entire look together. For instance, our summer garden bedding will pair beautifully with Secret Linen’s core colours. My favourites are dusty pink, cumin, café au lay and cream.

A Touch of Green

Green is my favourite colour, and adding touches of green to your bedroom can create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for a good night's sleep. Even a tiny splash of nature's colour can work wonders!

Layering the Spring Green Finn and Green Neo stripe throws on your bed is the perfect way to achieve a warm and welcoming feel. One of my favourite ways to style throws is to casually drape them across the foot of the bed instead of trying to make them fit perfectly. I like to keep it messy and natural-looking by not smoothing out all the wrinkles and creases, which adds a cosy, lived-in feel to the space.


Various cushions add interest to your bed. Mix and match sizes and compliment patterns with solid colours. Having between three and six cushions is the sweet spot to enhance the composition of your arrangement. Group them by size, with the largest at the back. This approach creates a sense of depth and texture in your bed, making it more inviting and cosy.


A bedroom needs meaningful touches. Floral artwork can be visually appealing and add interest to a room, bringing nature's beauty to your space. I designed my vase prints to inspire and uplift your mood. The Yellow Vase and Purple Vase prints work exceptionally well together. For maximum impact, hang your artwork above your bed or on an adjacent wall.

Plants and Flowers

Flowers and plants always brighten up a room and never fail to lift my mood. So, fill a vase with fresh flowers or try a fishbone cactus for visual interest and greenery.


A lavender sleep spray can help you enjoy a peaceful sleep. Spritz it liberally around the room and onto your bed linen before bed! – I love L'OCCITANE Relaxing Pillow Mist.

These simple touches will help you create a sanctuary that inspires and rejuvenates you daily.

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