Scandinavian Interiors Style Guide

white bedding

Scandinavian inspired interiors are renowned for their simplicity and beauty. They experience the coldest winters and darkest days and so they’ve perfected their homes to stay warm, light and create a sanctuary away from the outside world… sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Scandi interiors are having their moment in the UK, but achieving this effortless look isn’t quite as easy as you’d think. Getting one element wrong will completely change the whole look and feel of your room. To make sure you get things just right we’ve got some simple rules to make your bedroom ooze Scandi style.

Colour Palette

Scandinavian interiors are calm and therefore need a calming colour palette. Use white, light greys and naturals for your base. Add some variation with different shades of grey, ranging from light grey to dark charcoal.

Scandi interiors rarely use bright and bold colours. If you want to add a little colour use soft shades of blue and blush with you accessories.

white bedding on beige bed


Wood is a staple material in Scandinavian homes, so light wood is the perfect choice for your furnishings. Floors in particular look amazing when left rustic with wooden floorboards. The Nordic countries have an abundance of forests, so wood needs to play a huge role throughout the decor, whether with the furniture or with accessories.

If you're not investing in wooden furniture pieces, keep your bed simple with just a low base, no headboard and lots of soft furnishings to add that comfort.

mint green bedding


The perfect way to add a bit of personality into your Scandi inspired interior is through accessories.

This is the perfect time to add textures into your room by choosing interesting materials and fabrics. If you haven't chosen wooden furnishings, then add a touch of wood into the room with light wooden photo frames.

Scandinavian interiors are clean and fresh, so keep rooms free of clutter and trinkets. Accessories with rugs, throws, blankets and cushions to make it feel cosier. Choose a mix of materials for your soft furnishings, like a faux fur rug, woolen blankets, cotton sheets and a fluffy throw.