Our Towel Story

Our Towel Story

Ahhh, bathtime… one of three favourite B’s (after bedtime and breakfast, of course). Nothing beats a soak in the tub after a long day, except maybe the feeling of cocooning yourself in a super soft and cosy towel after.

We’ve searched far and wide to find the perfect towels to make your bath time look as wonderful as it feels. We have luxury towels, super hero towels and even some waffley wonders too (read all about them here).

We know that many of you wanted a towel set to match your bed linen, so we are over the moon to tell you that we have added even more marvellous colour options to our towel family. A whole range of towels in the same colours as some of our best bed linens. Now you can make your matching moments, even with your eyes closed.

If your bathroom is full of stacks of tired towels (did you know it’s recommended you change them every 2 years?), then let us introduce you to our toweltally terrific collection of colours…

Vintage Rose Towels

Vintage Rose

One of the most popular colours across our ranges, and a brand-new addition to our luxury towel collection, is Vintage Rose. A dusky, muted earthy pink that will add warmth and softness to any bathroom, pair with light colours for a pop of colour or mix with darker colours to give a subtle, relaxed look. You’ll be spoilt for choice with both luxury cotton and waffle towel options (as well as bed linen, throws and nightwear).

Darkest Spruce Towels

Darkest Spruce

This deep, dark, dreamy colour is another firm favourite here at Bedquarters. A bold, nature-inspired green that’s just as happy paired with deep colours as it is bright, light or muted (we love it with our Vintage Rose towels). If these towels just aren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know you can dress your whole home, and even yourself, in this striking colour too. From linen and brushed cotton bed linen to throws, robes and even curtains, there’s a little bit of Darkest Spruce for everyone.  

Moss Green Linen and Towels

Moss Green

Now this is something a little bit different, another botanical inspired favourite but in this fresh and vibrant Moss Green . Our Moss Green Linen Bed Linen has been a firm favourite since it joined us last Autumn, so we knew we just had to add this unique colour to our bath-time collection too. Match it with your bed linen and curtains for the ultimate green dream or mix and match with our four other colours of waffle towels, to create a colourful stack that is sure to bring a drop of joy to your bath-time.

French Blue

We’ve coloured as many things as we could find in this dreamy shade of blue… bed linen, nightwear, throws, cushions, curtains, napkins and our towels too. This deep blue will create a moment of calm wherever it makes itself home, or you could even add a little touch of French Blue in each room to create a flowing and continuous colour scheme.

Mustard Towels and 100% Linen Bedlinen


If your bathroom is craving a ray of sunshine, then our wonderful Mustard Luxury towel might just be the ticket. A great way to brighten up a bathroom with a little less light or add a warm pop of colour to a more neutral space. If you’re really feeling bold, we like mixing mustard with blush pink, spice and white. You can, almost certainly, never feel gloomy with such a happy colour around, so we are very pleased to welcome it to our yellow family. Now when we say put some mustard on it, you can include your towel rack too.

Sage Towels and Cotton Bedding


A colour that’s been taking interiors by storm, with muted earthy tones being a favourite across many aesthetics, and we don’t think it’ll be going anywhere anytime soon. This subtle shade of green looks wonderful when paired with pale terracottas, taupes, creams and browns, to create a calm nature-inspired space that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day, whether that’s with your bed linen, towels or both.

Pebble Grey Towels and 100% Linen Bedlinen

Pebble Grey

Soft, subtle and delicate. Our Pebble Grey is perfect for fitting into any interior style, in fact we think you’d be hard pressed to find a colour that doesn’t work with it, pair with blues, pinks, yellows, greens… but if you’re looking for something more monochromatic, we like to mix it with our charcoal and white towels for a shaded effect. This will add extra depth to your bathroom. Start by using the darkest shade for your largest towels and get lighter the smaller they get.

Charcoal Towels and 100% Linen Bedlinen


A towel collection wouldn’t be complete without a deep charcoal grey. Just like our Pebble Grey, Charcoal is another goes-with-everything shade. A deep navy, bright white, pale blue or even pink… whatever shade your bathroom is, this colour will be right at home. Its darker shade also makes it ideal for homes with mucky hands or makeup lovers, as you won’t need to fret about getting it looking tip-top again in no time.

White Towels and 100% Linen Bedlinen


We’ve left the most classic of towel colours until the very end. White, what is there to say about white? From the finest of spas to the simplest of spaces, you can never go wrong with a white towel. Available in all three of our towel ranges, luxury, superhero and waffle. All super soft, all super absorbent and all wonderfully white.

Our very own rainbow of towels, we think there’s a colour for everyone. Will you mix and match yours or keep it coordinated?