Not So Black Friday

We don't normally go for really personal bits on our Secret Linen Store Blog, but this a bit different and we wanted to turn our difficult Autumn and Black Friday into something positive.

This is Debby, our beautiful cousin and dearest friend. We lost Debby in September, within a year of being diagnosed with cancer.

Debby was just one of a kind, she was kind, thoughtful, silly, daft and loving. She was a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and cousin. She was brilliant at being all of them. She made the best gravy and always wore clogs (yes, all of the time). We miss her loads and always will.

In her last weeks, Debby was cared for in Dorothy House Hospice in Wiltshire. This place was simply amazing. A home from home with care from incredible people who made us feel like the only ones. With menus tailored to patients, a kids room with toys and films to watch, and gardens to walk and think and look at incredible views across the Wiltshire countryside. Nothing was too much trouble, and it was without a doubt a saving grace in the hardest time for any family to have to go though.

This Black Friday, we are joining Debby's husband Chris and helping him to raise a target of £5000 for Dorothy House. He has set up a just giving page to contribute to the cost of her time there. Already at almost half way, we're going to make beds and do our very best to help.

We will be giving £2 for every order on the 23rd of November to Dorothy House. We can't bring Debby back, make much sense of this, or tell her all about our brand new Duck Egg Linen and ask her what colour cushion we should put with it, but we can help Dorothy house and give something to families that will also have to go through a similar experience to us.

Debby loved the Secret Linen Store, much as her husband knows as he still has to make the bed with 6 pillows and is currently organising all of their many sets of bed linen into matching piles to help him with the housework (we say mix and match Chris).

Black Friday is our time to give our customers a bargain, love it or hate it, it's here and we say "why not join in". Donating to Dorothy House will give us a big smile and a fabulous incentive as we pack all of those orders and make many beds great for winter.

Thanks for reading folks, its hard to even write this down, we miss you Debby.

If you would like to read a little about the incredible place that is Dorothy House, you can do that here.

Molly & Harriet

Update 27th November 2018. We are delighted to have donated £500 to Dorothy House. Thanks so very much to all of our customers that helped us to do this. It means lots and lots to us.