Navigating a Merry Menopause with Jo Fuller and Wild Nutrition

Woman lying on bed

Hello, bedtime besties! We're all about making life cosier, be it with our comfy bedding or a warm conversation. It’s Menopause Awareness Month and, as female founders, we're passionate about discussing menopause openly. But don't worry, this isn't a formal lecture. Think of it as a friendly chat among pals. We're here because we want to make things better. You've supported us, and now it's our turn to support you. So, let's navigate menopause together, with kindness, understanding, and a dash of wisdom. Grab your comfiest spot, a cup of something soothing, and dive in.

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In our Find Your Menopause Mojo eBook, you’ll find helpful hints from Jo Fuller, a menopause coach and founder of The Merry Menopause, as well as Wild Nutrition to bring you a guide filled with insights, tips, and advice to help you embrace and thrive during this transformative phase of your life. Let's take a moment to introduce our collaborators: 

Jo Fuller - The Merry Menopause:

Jo Fuller is a menopause coach and the founder of The Merry Menopause. She's on a mission to help women navigate the menopause journey with grace and humour. Jo's expertise and guidance have made her a trusted resource for women seeking support and understanding during this important life transition. 

Wild Nutrition:

Wild Nutrition is a company dedicated to providing nourishment for mind and body, especially during key life stages, such as menopause. They understand the significance of proper nutrition and supplementation in supporting women through this transformative phase. 

So, what can you expect from our 'Find Your Menopause Mojo' eBook?

  1. Learn about the early signs and symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. It's not just hot flashes and irregular periods; your body is going through a significant transformation. 

  2. We'll explore practical ideas for practicing mindfulness and gratitude in daily life that help you stay present with Jo Fuller. 

  3. Discover top tips for getting a better night's sleep during menopause. 

  4. Learn about the best bed linen for a good night’s sleep, when the hot flashes hit. 

  5. Delve into nutrition tips and supplements that can support you during menopause, with insights from Wild Nutrition. 

  6. Get practical advice on how to navigate menopause in various settings - at work, at home, and during social activities. 

Jo Fuller reminds us, "Our menopause is not our enemy; we are not broken. Many of the symptoms we experience are temporary, and we are on a journey of transformation." 


So, whether you're just beginning to experience the first whispers of menopause or you're well into this new chapter, our eBook is designed to provide insights, support, and a dash of humour to help you embrace and thrive during this confusing (but exciting) phase of life. 

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