Molly Meets Catherine of Kitty McCall

As big lovers of bright colours and bold patterns, we have long been fans of Kitty McCall, known for its bold and colourful artwork and homewares that celebrate the beauty and joy that can be found in everyday life. You can only imagine our joy when we got together with founder Catherine to chat all things patterns, bedtime, colour and linen.

Our collaboration with Kitty McCall features their wonderful Summer Garden design. Vibrant, jolly and with more colours that you can count. It’s a dream to mix and match with walls and other décor, as it goes with everything and is easy to incorporate into any existing design scheme. We can’t wait to show you the collection.

To celebrate it’s launch, Molly sat down with Catherine for some quick fire questions – enjoy folks!

Catherine sitting on a bed dressed in our Kitty McCall collaboration

Describe what you do for a job in 3 words

Create joyful homeware.

Tell us how Kitty McCall the brand was born

It all started as an idea in 2011 to bring more colour, pattern, and joy into the home at a time when Scandi seemed to be the only option.

Why the name Kitty McCall?

It's my grandmas name.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Being the boss.

What's the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I've been fortunate to receive plenty of wonderful advice over time, but there's one piece that has really stuck with me. It's all about following your gut and being true to yourself, even if not everyone loves what you do. By staying authentic and pursuing your passions, you'll attract the right customers who appreciate what you have to offer.

Tell us a secret...

Had I not pursued a career in design, I would have found joy in becoming a hairdresser.

What’s your favourite colour (this week)?

Always green.

Where is your favourite corner in your house?


What’s the next big design challenge at home?

Our guest rooms at the top of the house.

What is your worst interior nightmare?

All white everything.

Are you all about long lie-ins or up with the lark?

It's funny how things change over time. I used to cherish my lazy mornings in bed, but now I've discovered that the early hours are the perfect time for me to enjoy some peace and quiet, indulge in a good book with a hot cup of coffee, and let my thoughts wander.

Clean sheet Friday or clean sheet Sunday? (Harriet and I disagree)


On my bedside table I have…

My latest read and water.

How do you like your eggs?

Either poached or boiled.

Tea or Coffee first thing?

Coffee, black.

Do you have a bedtime ritual?

I'm in bed by 10pm.

Flat sheet or fitted sheet?


Should peanut better be crunchy or smooth?


Who is your favourite artist?

There are so many... Matisse, Hockney, Gauguin, Cezanne the list is ENDLESS.

Instagram or TikTok?

Instagram but I know TikTok is inevitable.

What are your 3 favourite social media accounts?

This changes all the time but I love these at the moment @lisacongdon @dailystoic @beataheuman

Who (4 guests) would you invite to a dream midnight feast? Dead/alive/animal?

Buddha, Brene Brown, Maya Angelou, Bill Burr.

Who should Molly meet next?

Lisa Congdon.

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