Molly Meets... Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern, the one and only.

I have been admiring Abigail’s creativity and unique style for many many years. A stand out for me in our interior world, and one of the few designers that has managed to carve a unique and striking look that is instantly recognisable.

Imagine my delight when an Instagram DM led me to be sitting with Abigail, in her amazing house, sipping coffee and discussing her first ever bed linen collection. The rest is history as we launch our collaboration into the world.

Here are some quick fire questions to the lovely Abigail, enjoy folks - Molly x

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Overnight oats soaked in oat milk, with apples cooked in coconut oil and cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and honey. Have it every morning.

2. Describe your business in 3 words.

Modernity meets tradition

3. How did you get into interior design?

When I relocated to the States I worked for an architectural company who had an interiors arm.

4. Have you always been drawn to the colour palettes that you are now known for?

No not really that’s only been for the last 10-12 years. Before that I didn’t have the confidence to dabble.

5. I know that you are an early riser, tell us about your typical weekday morning?

Up at 5am to handle all incoming emails from Asia where the majority of our factories are that takes about 2 hours. Then if I’m good a quick workout, rebounding, fast walk around the neighbourhood and yoga for 45 mins. Shower and then back to zillions of zoom meetings running the biz.

6. What's the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Follow your heart

7. What’s the next big interior challenge in your own home?

The completion of our two guest rooms.

8. Is a house ever finished?


9. We love your Instagram, do you love and follow any that we should too?

As do I but I follow very few people just no time other than Natalie Walton, Kelly Wearstler and some food people.

10. What's on your bed today?

Our beautiful new collection of linens

11. What do you wear to bed?


12. If we were sending you off to a desert island, what would your last breakfast be?

Poached eggs, avo, chilli flakes on sourdough

13. Eggs? How do you make yours?

Poached always

14. Tea or Coffee?


15. Name 3 people that you invite to your dream midnight feast? dead / alive/ animal?

My Welsh Terrier who I lost 18 months ago called Maud, (love of my life) Barack Obama, Miles Davies

16. What’s your favourite spot in your home?

Lower ground floor on the sofa overlooking the garden.

17. What is your worst interior nightmare?


18. Clean sheet Friday or clean sheet Sunday? (Harriet and I disagree)

It's actually clean sheet Saturday. Fridays are too busy the weekends are the only time I get to do laundry.

19. Do you have a bedtime ritual, tell us how you wind down?

More often that not a bath, a spritz of room scent and a podcast

20. Flat sheet or fitted sheet?

Flat sheet always

21. What is on your bedside table?

Gardening books by Piet Oudolf and Dan Pearson

22. You’re off for a weekend camping… What one luxury would you take from your bedroom

Pillow and pillow case

23. Tell us a secret?

In my next life I fancy being a detective.

24. Sunshine or snow?


25. Who should Molly meet next?

Alan Carr, just finished filming with him and he is the funniest most lovelist person I have ever met.