Top 10 Master Bedroom Ideas

master bed with white sheets

The master bedroom is your bedroom, where you will spend most of your down time, and that makes it even more important to get the design absolutely perfect. It's where you will spend your Sunday morning lie-ins with breakfast in bed, have duvet days when you come down with a dreaded cold, and of course sleep.

The perfect bed and mattress

The most important place to start when designing a master bedroom is the bed. This will be the focal point for the room, and as it's the most important part of the bedroom, make it a statement. Go for the biggest bed your space can afford, and don't make the mistake of scrimping on the mattress. A great mattress that supports you in all the right places is imperative for a good sleep, and busy lives are much harder when you're not well rested. Our friends at Button and Sprung know everything there is to know about choosing your mattress, so if you do need a nudge in the right direction, go say hello, they're very friendly.

Position your bed so that it's the first thing you see when you open the bedroom door. The impact of a beautifully made bed will make the room feel grander (and make you want to jump in even more). Go for a big headboard, paint the wall a statement colour behind the bed, or hang a big piece of art. Any of these things will have draw your eye towards the bed.

Select the perfect colour scheme

Selecting the perfect colour for your master bedroom can be difficult but neutrals and calming colours like grey, green, yellow, orange and pink are all idea. Now we wouldn't recommend mixing all of these together but team with a neutral base like white or grey. Adding a pop of colour gives the room a vibrancy that will instantly enhance your mood. Although we are loving grey bedrooms right now, painting your entire room grey can be quite suppressive and not so good for the soul. Adding a touch of yellow or pink with your bed linen, curtains and accessories and you’ve instantly lifted the mood. Test colours on the wall before you start too. So many people will slap the paint on and then realise it looks different to the colour chart. Paint a few testers in different parts of the room so you can see the full effect of the light on the colour.

Make your bed

Sometimes this is a good place to start when you’re choosing the colours for your master bedroom. Find a bedding design that you love and build the room around that. Go for 100% cotton as it’s more breathable, and will withstand the test of time. If you need some help choosing, you can read our buyers guide to bed linen here.

Use your bed linen to add colour and texture to the room. Layer up the bed with extra pillows, flat sheets, cushions and throws. The more you put on the bed, the more it will dominate the room.

Make sure you change your duvet and pillows regularly too. You don’t want to be sharing your bed with any little visitors, as they’ll interfere with your health. We recommend you wash your bed linen once a week minimum and change your duvet and pillows every 2 years.

Organise your storage space

You can never have enough wardrobes, and as it’s important for your bedroom to be clutter free, having the right amount of storage space will help to keep your bedroom clear and clean. We don’t recommend that you have a desk in your master bedroom. Keeping the space stress free and separate from your daily life will help you to rest easier. Bedside tables will also add symmetry and keep your side of the bed neat and tidy. Your bedroom should just be for sleeping, reading, relaxing and the other stuff! Working in your bedroom is not a good idea. If you have a smaller bedroom, try to have the wardrobes blend in. bespoke built wardrobes will always utilise the space effectively. Paint them in a similar colour to the walls to make the room feel bigger. A huge wooden wardrobe in a small room will be very imposing.

Banish technology

Be brave and ditch the bedroom TV, making your bedroom somewhere you can go to switch off from the world. I promise it will make a difference. You’ll read more, speak to your partner more, and sleep more too. If you really don’t want to lose the television, find a way to keep it hidden. In a wardrobe or cupboard. Out of sight, out of mind. That goes for tablets and phones too. Invest in a good alarm clock, and leave your phone downstairs at night. It’s utterly cleansing, and we know that blue light before bedtime is a no no.

Add some accessories

Bedroom can sometimes feel a little clinical, with no clutter and light walls. Keep the room soft with carpet, curtains or an occasional upholstered chair. Throw a rug down, and use cushions and throws on your bed. When it comes to lighting, use softer colour bulbs. Spotlights in the bedroom are way too harsh. We like to use bedside and floor lamps. Angle the light down, not up in the evenings to keep the room cosy. Fairy lights are also great for bedrooms. We love these Cotton ball fairy lights from Lights4fun.

Add a personal touch

Your master bedroom is about you, it’s the most personal space in your house, and should be your solace. Add photo’s to the walls that make you feel good. Family pictures or inspiring art. Awaking each morning to see a motivational quote will lift your spirit and set you up for the day. Make any features or furniture in the room personal to you. A family heirloom, or a homemade piece of art from your kids.

Bring in nature

It’s a myth that you can’t keep plants in your bedroom. The amount of carbon dioxide that they steal is so minimal it won’t do you any harm, so have a plant or at least some fresh flowers in a vase. There is something so wonderful about putting flowers in a room. Such a small thing can make a big difference to the ambiance of the bedroom.

Control the light

You want to room to be dark on demand. If you’re ill, or just need a daytime nap, you want to be able to make it feel like night time. Use black out curtains or blinds. Shutters are usually a good way to control your light, and keep your privacy during the daytime too.

Finishing touches

Have a look around the room and see what's missing, what's stopping it from being perfect. Perhaps you'll add a bunch of flowers to the dresser, or pop your slippers under the bedside. A laundry hamper always comes in handy, or maybe you need a new jewellery stand to fit in with the new scheme.

If you’re looking to update your master bedroom, we recommend you start with a Pinterest board. Scour the internet and find bedrooms you like. Then take a step back and see what you’ve chosen. Some things will stand out to you. Then start creating a mood board. Use paint and fabric swatches, pictures and words to create a page of what your bedroom would look like. You don’t need to be artistic, just throw together your ideas and you’ll be amazed how easy it is.

Don’t start buying until you have completed your design, and slept on it for a while. The chances are you will change your mind a few times, it’s all part of the process.

We’ve created a Pinterest board with our Master Bedroom Ideas. Click here to have a look, it might give you some inspiration to get started. Share your designs with us, we love a good bedroom makeover.