How We Style Our Grey Bed Linen


We love grey interiors, and our grey bed linen is a firm favourite all year round. We're always looking to launch new shades of grey, new patterns and even softer finishes. With each new bedding range we get to design and style a lovely new bedroom.

Here's three of our favourite bedroom styles to suit our grey bedding...

Tiny Stripe Graphite Grey


We went a little barmy with our Tiny Stripe Graphite Grey and created a tropical paradise. We'd been pining over textured painted walls and finally took the plunge in these earthy greens. We used a mix of green shades together to build this texture against the wall.

We must admit we didn't get our overalls on and paint the wall ourselves (we left it to the professionals) but with a bit of practice we're sure it could be done at home. All you need is lots of paint, a damp sponge and a whole bucket of patience!

We've paired the linen with an Oak Furniture Land bed (simple, sturdy and made to last) and a Mediterranean inspired tiled floor.

The thing we love most about the style of this bedroom is the mass of plants we've used. The studio looked like a jungle and Molly would have added even more greenery into this bedroom if she had it her way!

To create this tropical style at home pop a great big house plant into a wicker basket and place in your bedroom. A smattering of smaller plants and succulents around the room give it that tropical feeling in an instant.

Our favourite plants for the bedroom are the Chinese Money Plant, Aloe Plant and Candelabra Cactus.


Essential Dove Grey

Our Essential Dove Grey bed linen is the perfect choice for a blank canvas bed linen, that you can build your bedroom around with your furnishings and accessories. We styled this bedroom to keep it modern and simple with vibrant splashes of colour. This bed linen is so versatile and looks great paired with white walls, grey walls, bright walls or brick walls.


We styled this bedroom to keep it modern and simple with vibrant splashes of colour. This bed linen is so versatile and looks great paired with white walls, grey walls, bright walls or brick walls.

We sourced some beautiful brick effect wallpaper (although the real thing would look even better) and kept our bed minimal, with no headboard and a simple divan base. When you decide to style your bedroom with no headboard it's important to keep it looking soft and cosy. We always use plenty of pillows in all different sizes, so we still have the perfect prop for a Sunday morning coffee in bed.

Industrial style bedrooms with harsh brick walls and wooden floors still need to feel welcoming and warm, so we add a touch of comfort with a throw of two. We've paired our Dove Grey bed linen with ivory accessories that make the bedroom feel lighter and contrasts perfectly against the dove grey.

Hanging bedside lamps seem to be the latest bedside must have, and we love it when they're oversized and make a statement. Here's three of our favourites...

Tom Dixon pendants, Pooky pendants and the Jam Jar Chandelier from NOTHS.

Add a personal touch to your bedroom with prints you love. Molly was dreaming of adding a Tom Pigeon print to one of our bedrooms and it looked fab against the soft grey sheets.

Graphic prints are vibrant and lovely and are the perfect way to modernise your bedroom.



Our Tulips bed linen was styled to feel stylish, luxe and sophisticated. We decided on a neutral colour palette but we would have loved to pair this linen with bright colours and luxury textures too!


We kept our walls a close match in colour to the bed linen choosing one of our favourite shade from the Dulux 'Night Jewels' collection. We used number five, but any of the darker shades would have looked amazing to create a sultry and moody bedroom.

If neutral colours aren't up your street, then this bed linen would look superb against a statement wall in mustard yellow (yellow-pink from Little Greene would look particularly good!).

We had an upholstered bed made to be low to the floor and in muted shade of grey. Upholstered beds always add a contemporary feel to a bedroom, but choose a bright colour like yellow and a velvety texture for a modern bedroom.

If you have a bed that's quite low to the ground pair with bedsides that are the same height or lower. We love to get creative with our bedsides, using stools, bins and shelves instead of traditional bedside tables.

No matter the time of year we always dress our beds with cushions and throws (and add even more when winter arrives). Our Waffle throws are so lightweight and lovely that we've paired two together add some texture and make the bed feel even more inviting.

A bright bunch of flowers on the bedside finish this bedroom off with a pop of colour.

Which of our three grey bedrooms are your favourite?

And if grey is not your thing, take a look at the rest of our gorgeous bed linen collections.