How To Live A Lagom Lifestyle


You couldn't get through 2016 without hearing all about Hygge. We even wrote all about whether Hygge was the secret to happiness. All about the art of getting cosy, it was a trend we were happy to participate in. However, Lagom is taking over, but will it be as relaxing and involve as many cosy night's in as Hygge did?

What is Lagom?

"Not too little. Not too much. Just right."

Lagom (pronounced 'lar' as in jar, 'gom' as in prom) is the latest lifestyle trend to come from Sweden. Lagom is to Sweden, what Hygge is to Denmark. Loosely translated it means 'just the right amount'.

Lagom isn't something you can do, it's a way of living. Hygge was all about creating a cosy moment, whether that was lighting a candle, having an evening in or just adjusting the lighting in your bedroom. Lagom is a way of thinking, it affects your day to day life and you learn to live in moderation. Lagom is about being content, not having too much or too little, not being fussy or pretentious and being content with what you have.

How to live a Lagom life

Essentially you need to create a balanced life. Lagom is embedded in Swedish culture, this way of life comes easily. But if you want to create a life with more moderation, here's some ways you can start living a more Lagom lifestyle.

Live a sustainable life

Being aware of the way you're living is one way to approach Lagom. Monitoring what you're consuming and the items you are using. Recycling and re-using shopping bags are easy steps to take. You could also look at your energy usage, where you buy your food from and how you travel to and from work.

Live a healthier life

Rather than embarking on the latest fad diet, changing to a Lagom lifestyle, would mean having a more balanced diet. We know we should eat in moderation, not too much, not too little. However, as we know from Hygge, in Sweden they don't like to restrict themselves from the little pleasures in life (like a large glass of wine, or a lovely big slice of chocolate cake).

Take pleasure from these treats, but don't binge, control portions and know when enough is enough.

Be kind

Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world. One reason for this is because they know how to treat each other, this comes from Lagom. Being aware of how you make other's feel is the first place to start with embracing Lagom. Think about the group first... whether that's your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues (even if it doesn't help with your individual needs). It's nice to be nice.

Be organised

In Sweden, they're big on creating a 'capsule wardrobe'. Spend a Sunday going through your wardrobe, and anything that hasn't been worn in the last year can go to a better home. Think about what you're buying... Will you get good wear out of it? Is it great quality? Will it last?

You can be organised in the kitchen too. Planning meals is a great way to reduce your food waste (and might help if you're a secret snacker!). Meal subscription boxes help with this, if you're struggling to find meal inspiration. They send you just the right amount of ingredients, all your meat, veg, carbs and herbs... with no waste! Harriet swears by Gousto for her family.

What do you think about the arrival of this Scandi trend?

Are you about to start switching out your light bulbs, saving energy and clearing out your closet, or is it just another fad? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments...