Expert Secrets: How to Elevate Your Bedroom with Colour

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Do you feel like your bedroom could use a little lift? We’ve got you. We asked professional interior designers from the online interior design service  My Bespoke Room , to share some top tips on how to inject colour and pattern in our bedrooms.

My Bespoke Room is the UK’s  No.1 rated interior design service , giving you your own  dedicated Interior Design professional  to create your WOW room, effortlessly. They’ll come up with all the ideas, drawings and mood boards tailored to your unique style and will present everything with furniture and accessory options matched to your budget with exclusive discounts to save you even more.

So, get ready to embrace your creativity! Our guest experts are here to gently guide you through enhancing your space, sharing tips on how to mix palettes to refresh your space without overwhelming it. 

Choosing your bedroom’s colour palette:

Colour isn't just about making things look pretty; it's a mood booster, a vibe creator. Ever noticed how blues can calm you down, while yellows spark creativity? That's the magic of colour! It personalises your space, turning it into a cosy retreat that reflects your unique style. Trust us, a little colour goes a long way in making every day brighter!

“The bedroom should be a glorious place to wake up to in the morning and a haven to retire to at night so it’s important to choose a colour scheme which reflects your personality.” - Milena, Interior Designer, My Bespoke Room

Here, our expert Interior Designer Milena will talk you through everything you need to know about choosing the right colour scheme for your bedrooms.

Picking the perfect palette for your bedroom is like choosing your best outfit for a day that promises endless possibilities! It's all about matching your unique vibe with colours that you truly love. Here Milena has come up with some incredible colour options, that will help you paint your personal paradise!

Soothing and calming colour schemes

“If you are looking for a scheme which is more  tranquil and serene , opt for colours that nicely sit in the background like sky blues, pale greens and pastel shades. These colours are associated with elements of nature and as such they give a sense of calm and relaxation.”


“Greens can be a lovely fresh alternative but still have the same natural and relaxing feel as pale blues. Paler greens are lovely when paired with accessories in emerald green and I love adding a touch of pink to these colour schemes as they sit opposite on the colour wheel so they make a complementary scheme.

Light Green Wall, Alice Stripe 100% Cotton and Duck Egg 100% Linen

Pale Blues

“Pale blue is so soothing, it’s perfect for a colour-drenching approach where all walls and ceiling are painted in the same pale blue with a fresh and calming result.

Plus pale blues can almost act as a neutral, they can be the perfect backdrop for darker blues or other accent colours added through bedding and accessories. This is also the opportunity to add some pattern and texture."

Pinks & Lilacs

“Blush tones are very soothing, and they don’t have to be used just in kids' bedrooms as they can be “grown up” and sophisticated especially in their duskier and more muted tones.

With pale pinks, it is a good idea to ground the scheme with darker accents and these can be anything from darker pinks, purples, reds, greens and blues.

If you prefer a more lilac tone, then I would suggest pairing it with light to mid-grey bedding and accents to keep the scheme soothing.”

Blush Pink Fred 100% Brushed Cotton, Pebble Grey 100% Linen and White Super Soft 100% Cotton

Light Greys & Whites

“It’s important to pair light greys with bedding and accessories which have the same undertones, like blue, green or violet as you don’t want this undertone to clash with your other accents

If you find greys a little too cold you could opt for a greige, which is perfect if you want a softer, harmonious colour palette with a warmer touch.”

“The important thing with white is to have enough texture and contrast to make it feel interesting but not busy. Texture can be added to white walls by including subtle panelling or textured wallpaper. I also recommend using wood tones to ensure the scheme is kept warm and cosy in contrast to the stark white.”

Dark & moody colour schemes

Tilda 100% Cotton, Jude 100% Cotton and Terracotta Super Soft 100% Cotton


“I recommend opting for something a little softer than pure black like a very deep charcoal or slate hue as it’s more forgiving and it will not look flat. Then layer many different textures together, contrasting it with patterns from your bedding and accessories”

I would suggest having the ceiling painted white for a sense of openness. Adding mid-tone flooring and white bedding will also soften the space and add contrast to the black.”

Rich Browns

“Browns are definitely coming back this year and this deep colour is very comforting. As with the black, I would pair rich browns with lighter tones to create a nice contrast and greys work really well.

These colours work really well with mid-century styles and can be elevated with colourful accents with the bedding and accessories.”

Deep Blues

“Dark deep blues like navy are another way to create a moody scheme without the intensity of the black. This colour is very soothing and relaxing and can also be successfully paired with rich browns and pale pinks. These colours can be combined perfectly as they are completely opposite colour temperature and therefore balancing each other.”

Deep Reds

“Deep reds are the perfect colour for a scheme that feels dark and moody but at the same time energising. I would suggest going for reddish browns as this gives a very inviting feel without having the full red hue. I really like using terracotta shades in the bedroom as they are warm and energising but can be very relaxing at the same time.”

Feeling overwhelmed with colour options? Take our interior quiz to see what your home style is!