Ways To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom need a bit more wow factor?

We start and finish every day in our bedrooms so it's a really important place to give us the right mindset each day. A splash of colour could be just what you're after to wake up smiling, so we've been looking at ways to inject some life into your bedroom, without having to get the paint rollers out.

Try any of these seven simple ways to make your bedroom brighter, and lift your mood...


Don't underestimate the power of the flower. Having blooms in the bedroom means you can switch up your colour choice from week to week, or even day to day (circulate your bunches of blooms around the house). Choose big bouquets for a statement on the bedside, or dainty stems in antique jars.

Bright Bedding

Your bedding gets changed so often (we hope) that it gives you the chance to be versatile with your bedroom decor. One week you might fancy crisp clean white bedding, but switching up your sheets gives you the option to add colour without commitment.

Colourful patterned bedding like our Leafy turquoise will give your bedroom that injection of colour and fun that's needed. To achieve a more understated look you can add colour with muted tones like our Aubergine purple bed linen.

Cushions and throws are also another easy way to add a splash of colour. A colourful throw and a few scatter cushions on crisp white bedding always looks good.

Artichokes Purple Bed Linen


Lighting doesn't have to be boring, and bedroom ambiance is oh so important. Feature bedside lamps or hanging statement shades above your bedside is a simple and practical way to add some colour and quirkiness to your bedroom. We love using coloured light cords in the bedroom too. You can buy any colour under the sun from Creative Cables, and they're so reasonably priced.

Statement Rugs

Pop some colour beneath your feet with a statement rug. Adding a rug to your bedroom will make it feel warmer, cosier and it's the perfect opportunity to add some character. Choose a design with a bold colour and pattern and keep the rest of your room simple to make it stand out. A great solution for rented homes.

Painted Doors

We love the idea of creating a pop of colour where it's least expected. A lick of paint on the back of your bedroom door is one way to take a step towards a colourful bedroom. Go for a block of bright colour or create pattern with two contrasting colours. We also love the idea of painting the door frames and skirting boards a bright bold hue.


Statement furniture is something you either love or loathe. If you're buying a big (and usually expensive) item like your bed you want to be sure that you love it today, you'll love it in a year, and you'll still love it in five years. We love nothing more than a bright, bold, colourful headboard.

If a colourful bed isn't your cup of tea, you can easily add pops of colour to your other pieces of furniture. Give a piece of old and unloved furniture a new coat of paint, but instead of white or wood stain, go bright and bold with your favourite accent colour. Even just changing handles and knobs on dressers and bedsides will add a pop of colour to your room, and is will ease you into creating a colourful bedroom.

Big Bold Art

Prints and pieces of unique art will add some individuality to the room. Large prints look great above the bed, or create a gallery wall full of different pieces that all mean something to you. Tom Pigeon is our new go-to for quirky, modern (and colourful) prints that give even the most neutral room a bit of pizzazz.

Don't be afraid to be daring with your colour choices, your bedroom is yours so make it unique. How have you added colour into your bedroom, or are you neutrals through and through... tell us all about it, we love nothing more than a chit chat.