Our Guide to the Perfect Pamper Night-In

Pink Wash Cloth and Bath Towel in a Bathroom

We all have those days when a rain cloud seems to be hovering above our heads. Those days when you drop your toast butter-side down, and you think things would have been better if you'd just stayed in bed. Cancel your plans; it's time for an all-about-you (and possibly your partner) evening.

From face masks to foot soaks, our head-to-toe pamper plan is sure to elevate your regular night-in to a luxurious spa experience that will leave you looking radiant and feeling calmer. Prepare for tranquility.

Set the Scene

Start your pamper session off right by creating a relaxing ambiance. Tonight is about tuning out the world and tuning in with yourself, so switch off your phone. Now, pop the kettle on and brew yourself something warm and soothing, no matter if that's a peppermint tea or hot cocoa with a mountain of whipped cream and extra marshmallows.

Close the bathroom door, choose a playlist of mellow music and dot about plenty of scented candles - lavender fragrances are best for winding down. With the essentials gathered, you're ready for a decadent soak.

Wash the World Away

Instead of your typical morning splash and dash, enhance bath time by adding flower petals, coconut oil, or a drop or two of your favourite essential oils to the water. Then, hop in, take a deep breath and soak up all that stress-relieving goodness.

Before you become too blissed-out, use the restorative beauty benefits of a steamy bath to cleanse your pores, and rejuvenate your skin with a face mask. If you're not keen on chemicals, whip up a DIY mask in a snap using ingredients from your kitchen cupboard, like oatmeal, honey and yogurt. And while the mask works its magic, give you locks a little extra luster by coating them in a deep conditioning treatment. These usually take between 15 - 30 minutes to fully nourish your hair, giving you plenty of time to luxuriate amongst the bubbles.

However, if baths aren't your cup of tea, showers can be equally relaxing, simply lather up using those expensive soaps you were gifted at Christmas and let the room fill with a sweet-scented mist. Hanging eucalyptus in your shower can also transform the experience and has loads of health-boosting benefits. Steam releases their essential oils which act as a decongestant, helping you to breathe easier, while also adding a touch of botanical beauty to your bathroom.

Macrons on Top of Pink Linen Bedding

Indulge in a Treatment (or Two!)

Once you're ready to drain the tub, roll out a plush bathmat to sink your toes into and ensure a big, cocooning towel is waiting for you on the radiator. Dry yourself gently as scrubbing too hard can cause irritation and make hair frizzy, then exfoliate and moisturise all over for baby-soft skin.

Continue your pamper night by wrapping up in your comfy clothes and spoiling yourself with a few TLC treatments:

  • Thank Your Feet: Fill up a basin with warm water and sprinkle in half a cup of Epsom salts, the tension in your toes will soon melt away.
  • Soothe Puffy Eyes: Instantly revitalise dry or tired eyes by resting a cold compress over them - slices of fresh cucumber or soaked green teabags work best.
  • Make Your Nails Glisten: File your nails, trim your cuticles, and add a fresh coat of polish in your go-to shade.

There’s no need to rush, the night is yours. Indulge in whatever activity makes you think 'ahh-bliss', whether that's a few episodes of your TV guilty-pleasure, getting lost in a good book or simply enjoying the company of your loved one snuggled up under a cosy throw.

Prep Your Bed

By now, you're probably feeling ready to nod off. But first, take your comfort level to eleven by changing your bed linen, piling up a mountain of cushions and giving your bed a spritz with a calming pillow spray. While it might seem like a faff, slipping between fresh sheets is the ultimate way to finish off your pamper session and is sure to lull you into a night of blissful beauty sleep.

Whether you're after a quiet night of self-care or a chance to relax and reconnect with your spouse, at-home pampering is all about giving yourself time to unwind and do the things you're always telling yourself you'll do later. After all, you work hard, so why not celebrate those little everyday accomplishments with a weekly de-stressing pamper routine. Now inhale, exhale, and enjoy!

Lizzy x