Grey Bedroom Ideas

grey brushed cotton bedding

Grey bedrooms are timeless, classic and effortlessly stylish. We love to splash colour on the beds (the brighter the better)... but in some bedrooms grey is the only way. Often given a bad name for being a bit gloomy, we couldn't disagree more.

Here's four grey bedrooms that will make you feel cosier than ever.

Coastal Bedroom Style

A firm favourite if you love a clean and contemporary bedroom with minimal clutter. Coastal bedrooms remind us all year of sunnier days and are a great style for making sure you're relaxed before bed.

We've created our grey coastal bedroom with lots and lots of white. White wooden floorboards are an easy way to achieve this look quickly, and we've used reclaimed scaffolding boards for a feature wall, washed with white paint.

Our Coastal Stripe bed linen is perfect to pop on your bed for an instant coastal feel. Choose Charcoal rather than Navy for something a little different.

grey striped bedding

Monochrome Bedrooms

A simple combination of black, white and grey create a bedroom that is cool and contemporary. Black and white is timeless and by choosing this colour palette for your bedroom you can easily update your room regularly with a switch of accessories. It's a bedroom style that is difficult to get wrong whether you opt for striking dark walls or optic white. Dark walls create a cosy space, perfect for bigger bedrooms while choosing white as your main accent colour will make your room feel bright and spacious. Pop on a set of grey bedding to complete the look.

Whatever bedroom style you choose, grey is definitely here to stay. So come on... which is your favourite?

dark and moody bedroom
grey waffle bedding

Dark & Moody

This is Molly's favourite bedroom style by far... dark walls, dark bed linen and dark accessories.

We love how cosy these bedrooms feel. Dark bedrooms will give your bedroom a feel of intimacy and comfort that should make falling asleep at night a breeze. For the perfect slouchy dark bedroom pop our 100% Linen in Charcoal on the bed. Add extra layers with dark throws and accessories and mood lighting.

grey bedding