Get Crafty With Leaf Art

Leaf Art.

‘Crafty Jo’ our superstar Countess of Quality (Jo makes sure that all our soft stuff is perfectly fit for many years of bedtimes) is always dazzling us with her crafting skills, she has well earnt her nick name ‘Crafty-Jo’. Whether it’s teaching us to knit on a Tuesday lunchtime at our Bedquarters or guiding us to make macrame Christmas trees over Microsoft Teams, she always has some wonderful knowledge (and lots of patience) to share.

Inspired by the power of plants, during a recent school half-term Jo once again delivered and welcomed our mini-bedmakers to the office for a morning of making and doing.

Mini-bedmakers at Secret Linen Store getting crafty.

“You can make these at home really easily with odd bits of yarn you have lying around. All you need is a hand sewing needle, some collected leaves or scraps of fabric and your thread or yarn.
I like wool yarn in natural earthy tones to work well with autumn leaves and other leaves collected from the ground, but bright colours always look great too."

What you need:

  • A hand sewing needle
  • Colourful thread or yarn
  • Lots of lovely leaves or scraps of fabric
  • Willing and enthusiastic small and big people

How to make your leaves:

1. To start attached your thread at one end of the leaf leaving a long end (approx 10cm) so this can be used to attach your leaf to your woodland mobile or bunting later.

2. Choose your stitch, a simple running stitch, back stitch, whip stitch is perfect for this. Or if you want to experiment with something a bit more complex you can use a blanket stitch, chain stitch, cross stitch to decorate your leaf.

Psst - A top tip is to use a tapestry needle as it has a blunt tip and a large eye to thread your needle nice and easy.

3. Ta-dah – you’ve created leaf art!

Crafting with leaves