Earth Hour

French Blue 100% Linen with Watch for Earth Hour

This Sunday the clocks ‘spring forward’ and we have to give up an hour.  Love it or hate it, there is always a lot of discussion about this precious hour.  But what if this hour was more than just an hour.  What if we reframed it and saw this hour as the spark we need for change? 

Earth Hour is the world’s largest environmental movement urging people to ‘Give an Hour for Earth’.  Since Earth Hour began in 2007 it’s been known for its “lights off” moment, but this year we’re being encouraged to step things up and do something more than just turning off the lights.  Imagine what a difference we can all make if we take this hour and do something positive with it. 

Here at Secret Linen Store we are going to take advantage of this opportunity, switch off the lights (and perhaps the heating too?) and jump into bed an hour early.  Most of us would benefit from an extra hour’s sleep, so we certainly won’t judge if you would like to join us under the sheets and use this hour to catch some extra zzz’s. 

But if sleep isn’t your priority this weekend, then why not choose one of the following ways that you can ‘Give an Hour for Earth’ from the comfort of your bed…

  • Educate yourself by listening to a podcast or talk about conservation.  There are some great ideas here
  • Watch an episode of David Attenborough’s Our Planet
  • Read an article or blog post about the issues that our planet is facing – Earth Hour’s Knowledge Hub has plenty of useful links
  • Write to your local politicians and businesses and urge them to protect nature and champion sustainability
  • Reconnect with nature and drag your duvet outside to sleep under the stars.

Whatever way you choose to spend this hour, we hope it’s restful, mindful and a step in the right direction for our planet.

Happy snoozing!