Secret Seven: Breakfast Cookbooks

It's no secret that we're big fans of breakfast.

As often as we can we try to treat ourselves to a delicious breakfast, something different to just cold cereal and a cup of tea. Whether that's making an effort on a Sunday morning to whip up something at home or heading out so somebody else has to do the washing up.

If you're a little stumped when it comes to thinking up new breakfast ideas or know somebody that needs to mix up their breakfast routine, then take a peek at our seven favourite books full of breakfast treats.

Spoon Cookbook

This is one of Molly's favourite breakfast brands. Their Instagram feed is a dream to see in your feed and makes us want to make our breakfasts look even better.

You can pick up their breakfast cereals at your local supermarket and their recipe book is full of interesting breakfast ideas that are 100 times better than just adding milk. Full of inspiration and the book will look great on your kitchen counter too.

Toast: The Cookbook

A book that claims to re-invent the bread-and-butter of breakfast. We like ours with lots of butter and a slather of our Mum's Pmalade (she makes 60 batches every year, you can make your own here). However delicious that is, it can be a little boring.

This book creates all kinds of unique toppings for your toast. The book works through the seasons, choosing ingredients for the time of year mixed with your kitchen cupboard staples.

Lunch Lady Magazine

This isn't a traditional cookbook, but we love it so much we couldn't not include it. A magazine that's perfect for parents, offering activities, articles and recipes for families. There's always delicious breakfast treats in every issue and their blog is also full of lovely ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Created in Australia, the magazine is full of beautiful photography, created to feel luxurious and fun and it can be shipped to the UK! Subscribe, you won't regret it.

How to Make Coffee

For some of us, breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day (although we know it should be!). If your version of a good breakfast is an amazing coffee enjoyed in bed, then this is the book for you.

It's a staple for most at breakfast time and this book ensures you know everything you need to know from choosing beans, to the best ways to brew. A cup of joe a day keeps the doctors away, right?

Egg Shop the Cookbook

If you've been to 'The Big Apple' you may be familiar with 'Egg Shop'. A hugely popular brunch spot, started by a husband and wife team who has endless amounts of love for the humble egg sandwich. With the help of their chef (and author of the cookbook), Nick Korbee they've become renowned for their endless menu of egg-centric dishes.

This book gives you a chance to try their eggs, cooked in true Egg Shop style their unique way. It teaches all the proper techniques and features some of their most-loved recipes.

The Little Book of Brunch

Our second favourite thing after breakfast, is brunch. Very similar to breakfast, but enjoyed a little later in the day (so you can enjoy a lie-in) and sometimes served with a mimosa or two... what's not to love?

This is the perfect starter book for classic brunch recipes... full of brioche, muffins, eggs and of course the many ways to enjoy avocado on toast. YUM.

The Nut Butter Cook Book

In our office if someone brings in peanut butter they must be prepared to share it. We've been huge fans of Pip & Nut and their delicious nut butters for years. We met the Pip & Nut team recently and they we're just as lovely as you'd expect.

This cook book is the perfect choice if you love nut butter. It's not only full of delicious recipes for breakfast, but also savoury ideas for lunch and dinner and lots of snacks!

We're getting hungry just thinking about it.