It was more than a pleasure to meet Helen Stephens. She writes and illustrates magical childrens books that are just perfect for bedtimes. They make us smile and think they are just wonderful. Thanks so much for taking part Helen.

  • Describe your job in 3 words?

Making picture books.

  • What’s the best thing about what you do?

Drawing EVERY day.

  • What’s your next big interior challenge?

Uncovering a bricked up fire place in our bedroom. I am hoping to find some gorgeous little white ceramic stove on ebay, that no one else bids on, and I'll snap it up for a bargain. Then on cold winter nights I can lie in bed reading, with the stove crackling.

  • Are you all about long lie-ins or up with the lark?

Up with the lark.

  • Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram every time. Pictures are my thing.

  • What's on your bed today?

I won't tell you about the piles of clothes waiting to be put away, no. I'll tell you about the lovely red striped quilt I bought in Ikea 20 years ago. When it wore out I covered it with bold red and white striped ticking. It is lovely, very graphic, and heavy to sleep under. Perfect in winter.

  • Do you wear a nightdress, pj's, or nothing?

Usually PJ's. I have been known to wear a woolly hat before, it's cold on the windy Northumberland coast!

  • Who would you invite to your dream midnight feast? dead / alive/ animal?

The illustrator Jean Jacque Sempe (he's so french and glamorous), Charlie Brown, Murakami and Moomin Mama (she'd bring the feast).

  • How do you like your eggs?

Soft boiled with Marmite covered soldiers.

  • Clean sheet Friday or clean sheet Sunday? (Harriet and I disagree)

Friday or Sunday? Are those the days you are supposed to change your sheets? I am missing this piece of knowledge. How often do you have to change your sheets? I don't want to make any admissions here, but mine are not changed every Friday OR Sunday...

  • Flat sheet or fitted sheet?

Flat, I like hospital corners, I learned them at guides.

  • Do you have a bedtime ritual, can you share it with us?

This is maybe not a ritual, but I think it's a habit that lots of authors share. I often work on my bed. I kid myself that I'm not really working, and that's when good ideas happen.

  • You're off for a weekend camping... What one luxury would you take from your bedroom?

Piles and piles of duvets and pillows and mattresses, a mill mat and a sleeping bag are just plain punishment.

  • Tell us a secret?

I am working on a new 'How to Hide a Lion' book, keep that under your hat.

  • Who should Molly meet next?

My designer, Zoe Tucker, she designed my How to Hide a Lion books, and books for Axel Scheffler, Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo fame) and Nick Sharratt.