Bedrooms express a lot about you and your personality, and your choice of sheets is no exception. In fact, it might even be a science!

A study carried out by Woodbury University in Los Angeles showed that we’re drawn to patterns that are linked to our best qualities. Fashion history professor, Louise Coffey-Webb says that our pattern choices can be an indicator of our personality type. Sam Gosling, PhD, associate professor at the University of Texas, is a firm believer that we are closely tied to the spaces in which we live and work.

Whether you consciously realise it or not, your bedding reveals a lot about you.

Crisp white sheets

Classic and timeless, beautiful white bedding creates a feeling of serenity in any room. If you’re the owner of crisp white sheets, it’s likely you’re a neat and tidy person and not a fan of clutter. This lack of fuss means you’re a minimalist and your bedroom reflects your straightforward style. With a minimalist attitude it’s likely you’re an open-minded person who speaks their mind.

You clearly like the finer things in life and care a lot about the small details. You’re opulent without being over the top and you like a little luxury in your life (but don’t we all). You know that quality often comes at a cost, but it’s worth it!


Patterns, bows, frills and more

Bedding in bright colours and patterns says a lot about you, but exactly what depends on the print you’ve chosen.

Dots are associated with being a fun, light hearted and carefree. Research shows that those who favour polka dots are actually dynamic multi-taskers, with a heightened ability to focus.

While stripes convey confidence, animal print shows you’re vibrant and outgoing. If you’ve combined that leopard or zebra print with splashes of jewel colours, then clearly you have a creative side and aren’t afraid of making a statement.

Florals can be soft and feminine or bright and playful, so if your bedding usually features pretty flowers, it’s likely you’re outgoing and personable. If you lean towards the feminine prints over the bolder flowers, it suggests you enjoy being pampered and like to be the centre of attention.


Plain, Soft and sensible

Cosy bed spreads and soft, subtle colours mean you’re probably a person to whom physical and emotional comfort matters. Relaxation is vital; your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s possible you’re quite a sentimental person and friends are important to you. As a lover of comfort, you’re probably one of the 46 per cent of Brits who wear nightclothes to bed. It’s likely, too, that you’ve got plenty of throws and pillows and perhaps a soft toy or two adorning your bed… Go on, admit it


Mismatched and unmade

Mismatched and unmade – you’re a spontaneous, unorganised individual who’s always on the go. Matching sheets are not important to you, however comfort is, so although your bedding may not be colour co-ordinated, your sheets will still be super soft.

The best thing about the fact that bedding reflects your personality and mood is that it can be changed so easily! Don’t want to be seen as soft and sensible? Then throw that bedding in the wash and switch your sheets for something vibrant and playful - or how about some chic white cotton for a serene new style? It’s in your hands… and on your bed!

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