Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Don’t you?

Beach themed bedrooms are bright, airy and remind us of long summer days, beach walks and splashing shores. Refresh your bedroom in time for the sunshine with our style guide to creating coastal interiors, that get your bedroom looking more coastal chic than seaside shabby.

Decorate with light and bright colours

If you're trying to create a coastal inspired home then white is going to be your base colour. The brighter your bedroom the better, and it doesn't get much brighter than white. A bright and light bedroom is simple, chic and creates a sense of purity and calm. The perfect colour for a bedroom and for winding down before bedtime. Choosing white as your base colour means your can build your decor up with furniture, accessories and pops of colour.

We love creating a modern coastal bedroom by mixing crisp white with blues or greys. Monochrome bedrooms with a nautical twist have become one this years biggest interior trends. Our Coastal Stripe Navy Bed Linen bedding is the perfect way to get this look at home.


For a more traditional coastal bedroom, you need to inject the colour of the seaside - blue. Light, barely there blues mimic the colours of the sea and sky... the only choice for nautical decor.

Don’t restrict yourself to one shade of blue... mix lighter shades with darker navy tones for a great contrast. The dark shades of navy used in this bedroom give it an edge of coastal glamour. Using luxurious dark shades of navy and blue in your bedroom will make it feel even cosier.

Bring other colours into the bedroom by adding extra pillowcases onto your bed. Our Relaxed Denim Natural is a beautifully sandy shade, mixed in with Relaxed Denim Navy pillowcases for a dark contrast and Tiny Stripe Grey pillowcases for a slightly lighter shade.



When it comes to creating a coastal bedroom, less is more with patterns. Deckchair stripes are what instantly comes to mind when we think of seaside inspired interiors. Add these on your bed, in accessories or perhaps a striped feature wall?

We love to mix our big Coastal Striped bed linen with our Tiny Stripe sheets and pillowcases, to create a modern space. See our full collection of striped bedding, the perfect way to add an instant splash of the seaside.


Adding different textures around your bedroom helps the decor to really come together.

With a nautical theme it's all about bringing the outside in. Wood is of course something that should be featured. Whether that's with lovely hardwood floors (paint them white to brighten up your bedroom) or wooden furniture and accessories.

If you're lucky enough to live by the seaside, see if you can pick up some driftwood on a Sunday stroll. You can use this to create shelves, or if you're feeling crafty, you can create a feature headboard.

To keep your bedroom feeling cosy and relaxing add lots of different soft textures. Mix cotton bed sheets with chunky knitted throws, or linen with an over-sized bedspread. The more snug stuff you have on the bed, the better.


Accessories and Lighting

Make your bedroom personal by adding prints and art to the walls. To keep your bedroom looking contemporary, avoid adding seaside pictures and opt for something with a splash of colour. Alternatively pick up some vintage seaside postcards from a local charity ship and create your own photo collage wall. You should love all the accessories you add to your bedroom, each with a subtle nautical touch.

A coastal bedroom should be as light and bright as possible. Frame your windows with lightweight curtains to make the room more open to the outside. Adding a mirror will reflect the light, and make your bedroom feel brighter and bigger.

Do you have any top tips for bringing the coastal trend into your home?

We'd love to hear...

Molly & Harriet