Catherine Tough has created a brand that we can get on board with. Creating beautiful textiles right here in the UK, knitted with her team in Hackney, from great quality materials and fun prints and patterns.

We sent Catherine just a couple of pillowcases and fabric swatches and let her creative mind bubble away and she sure did deliver. She crafted us this adorable owl and is now going to tell you how you can make one at home (and it's easy peasy!).

Perfect for a doorstop, book ends or to just sit quietly in the corner and make your bedroom smell beautiful.

You will need

  • A pillowcase (our owl friend is Leafy Turquoise)
  • Card or paper to mark your template
  • Jersey fabric (an old t-shirt would work as long as it's stretchy) 33 x 22cms
  • Brown felt or leather
  • Cream felt
  • Cream wool
  • 2 buttons
  • 1 horn toggle
  • Filling – We've used lavender and wheat but you can use rice or lentils with any fragrance you like.
  • Handful of stuffing
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Step 1

Draw out your owl shape (google owl silhouette if you're stuck). Our little guy is 25cm x 17cm, but the method works just as well for a cute mini own or a big old doorstop.

Cut out the template and draw round the shape on the reverse of your pillowcase fabric.

Step 2

Lay the pillowcase on top of your jersey fabric and cut out your template to make two owl silhouettes.

Step 3

Now make a template for its claws. Mark out onto brown felt or leather and cut out two. Place the claws between the pillowcase fabric and the jersey fabric, leaving about a 1cm seam.

Step 4

Pin together and sew round leaving a gap at the top.

Step 5

Sew around the edges, leaving approx. a 1cm seam. Leave a larger space at the top between its ears to tuck in and finish once you've finished stuffing.

Step 6

Turn all your fabric inside out. Using the blunt end of your pencil poke out your owl's ears.

Step 7

Using a funnel (or cut the top off a bottle) fill your owl with your chosen mixture, shake it down until you've got a nice fat owl.

Step 8

To give it a nice finish stuff the ears with fluff.

Neatly tuck in the fabric to give you a straight line between the ears and hand sew to finish

Step 9

Next make a template for the eyes and cut out two big owl eyes from the cream felt, our are about 4.5cm.

Stitch them on with thick cream wool using long stitches to secure the fabric. Sew your buttons on top.

Step 10

Position the beak and sew into place.

All done you now have a new feathered friend.