This has been one busy month for us. After a hectic November, we thought we'd have a second to breathe, but we were wrong (and that makes us very happy!). We made beds for kids, beds for guests and sent lots of parcels to be popped under the Christmas tree. Here are some of our favourite things, from one of our favourite month.


A couple of weeks back we had our Christmas dinner (not party, we had work in the morning and were tucked up in bed by midnight). An evening with delicious food, plenty of drinks, fabulous gifts, and chatter about everything and anything. We had lots of bubbles and toasted to an amazing three years, to our hard work, and our amazing customers. We're very, very excited for this year (it's going to be a big one!).


Make A Place is an online site sharing the wonderful stories of different makers and creators. The site has only just launched, and we're happy to have found it right at the beginning. The stories are all about the lives of different creatives, the places that made them who they are, and why these places mean so much. A great way to lose yourself for half an hour, get inspired and realise the world isn't all bad.


Did you know Harriet loves a sing song? She's forever singing something around the office, we even managed to catch her (and the rest of the choir) singing in the town just before Christmas (Molly recorded a little and popped it on our Instagram). Her latest musical discovery is the Pentatonix. They're a five piece A Capella group, a huge hit in the US and their Christmas album was all we needed to get into the festive spirit.


Can anyone remember the last time they wrote in a journal? We're forever jotting down our to-do list, but finding the time to write an actual journal seems impossible. The solution... the Q&A a day Journals. A simple book full of simple questions, from "What colour knickers are you wearing?" to "What is the meaning of life?". You answer just one question a day, every day, for five years. It's easy, fun and lets you see just how much you're changing from year to year.


Harriet's new clothing obsession is anything by Zoe Karssen. An Amsterdam based fashion brand, her designs are quirky, simple and fantastic quality. Her slouchy tee's and slogan sweatshirts are top of our wish list for 2017.


Although gift buying at Christmas was a little stressful, it did mean we discovered some amazing new brands. A favourite for quirky gifts this year was Ohh Deer. The site is an online collective of illustrators, selling unique and quirky gifts, stationary and homewares. You can find them online or in independent shops all around the country. Why not find your local stockist and go and discover something new this weekend?


December never disappoints when it comes to great things to watch on the box. There's the many classic Christmas films (it's not Christmas until you've watched 'It's a Wonderful Life' three times) and TV specials of our favourite shows (if you missed the Bake Off, catch up now).

However, the standout show of the year, that everyone seems to have fallen in love with, was the Channel 4 short film 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. A book that lots of us grew up with, read to our children, who will then read to their children and it was bought to life in a brilliant way. Possibly a new favourite Christmas film for our household.

What did you discover this December, we'd love to hear all about...