Grey Bedding Sets that Go With Everything 

If you want gorgeous grey bedding that feels amazing and doesn't cost the earth, then the Secret Linen Store is going to be right up your street. We love grey, and it's a very popular choice for the bedroom. We have dark charcoal and softer light grey bedding ranges, we have plains and stripes, so there's plenty of options to mix and match with sheets and accessories. The versatility of grey bedding allows you to team it with pretty much any other colour. Choose from 100% cotton or 100% linen bedding and a whole bundle of shades.

Create a new look with our brilliant grey bedding

Scandi fever shows no signs of stopping when it comes to influencing our interiors, and the colour grey often features in Scandi set ups. Forming a calming, neutral background, here are our favourite ways to style our grey bedding sets.

Dressing your bed in a mixture of grey and some carefully chosen bright colours can create a visually appealing and stylish look.

A mustard yellow or chartreuse brings a splash of joy and energy to your bedroom, or a shade of pink will bring some warmth and elegance to balance out the coolness of the grey. Teal will be a soothing addition to your grey, making your bed into a very soothing snooze spot or why not try a bright moss green for a modern and refreshing vibe?

Take a look at our blog for more ideas on how to style your grey bed linen.

Grey makes for a fabulous neutral palette so you can add almost any pattern that takes your fancy to create the look that really works for you.

We love a floral here at Secret Linen Store and would recommend you choosing a grey in the right tone to pair with your chosen floral. A strong floral will support a dark grey, however you might want to choose a lighter hue if you're going for a more feminine floral option.

Another favourite here is a good old stripe. We would suggest going with a grey that will match a colour in your stripe, for example our Grey Ticking Stripe looks pretty as a picture with our charcoal 100% linen.

For more ideas on working with patterned bed linen head over to our blog.

The colour of your bedding can influence how your bedroom feels, but dark grey bedding won't necessarily make the space smaller or dark. The impact depends on factors like natural light, wall colour, accents, and personal preference.

If your room receives ample natural light and has light or neutral walls, dark grey bedding can create a cosy and balanced atmosphere. However, in a room with limited light or dark walls, it may absorb more light and create a moodier ambiance.

Why not add some light or bright contrasting accessories to help balance any potential feeling of smallness or darkness?